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He raised his hand again, and several talismans shot forth before adhering themselves to the jade box in a flash. Vibrant restrictive power instantly enveloped the entire box, and he swept his sleeve through the air once again to expel a burst of azure light.

The jade box instantly disappeared within the azure light, having been stowed away by Han Li.

From the instant that the sword thread was unleashed to the moment that the jade box was stowed away, only an instant had passed, and only after securing the spirit flower did Han Li heave a faint sigh of relief as his expression eased slightly.

He looked at the severed stem of the flower and hesitated momentarily, but decided not to do anything to it as he moved on to the next area.

The next seven or eight spirit medicines were all secured using this method. Han Li first severed the fruits or other important parts of the plants that contained their seeds, then quickly froze them before sealing them with restrictive talismans.

After adopting this method, he was finally able to prevent the plants from self-destruction. Even if those parts also had some restrictions set up within them, as long as he could prevent those restrictions from being set off for now, he could take them back for further examination in the future.

He was confident that as long as he had sufficient time, he would be able to slowly undo those restrictions.

However, he still encountered a lot of trouble when he reached the last type of spirit medicine, which was the silver lotus seed pod that was floating at the center of the spring.

As the sword thread struck the stem of the seed pod, which was around as thick as a finger, a ball of dazzling silver light suddenly erupted, and the sword thread was repelled while the lotus seed pod remained completely unmoved!

Han Li couldn't help but falter upon seeing this.

He carefully inspected the shimmering silver seedpod multiple times with furrowed brows before flicking his 10 fingers toward it in quick succession.

10 azure threads shot forth through the air before suddenly converging as one, forming a translucent streak of azure light that struck the stem of the seed pod, only for the same thing to happen again.

Dazzling silver light was released by the entire seed pod, and the azure light was completely destroyed into nothingness. Han Li's eyelids twitched violently upon seeing this.

Just what kind of extraordinary spirit item was this silver lotus seed pod?!

The sword threads formed by his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword were so sharp that even the average Body Integration Stage being wouldn't dare to allow them to strike their body, yet not only was this spirit plant able to repel the sword threads, it was even able to retaliate and destroy them; this was simply incredible!

Han Li's gaze quickly roamed over the entire seed pod before quickly moving on to the spring that the lotus seed pod was floating upon.

This spring clea

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