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Breaking the bottleneck to the Body Integration Stage required far more power than the normal person could imagine. The golden droplets seemed to have also sensed that a major breakthrough was being attempted, and it converged to form a golden body that enveloped the second Nascent Soul again.

Enormous amounts of energy surged out of the Nascent Soul's body, and even the golden body couldn't withstand such immense energy output as it crumbled away again.

The last attempt that had been made was nowhere near enough for the second Nascent Soul to make a breakthrough to the Body Integration Stage, so it had no choice but to accumulate energy anew after the golden body vanished.

Following the golden body's disintegration, it reformed once again amid a flash of purplish-golden light.

This process was repeated seven or eight times, and every breakthrough attempt that the second Nascent Soul made was enough to expend all of the mysterious energy it had accumulated. However, at the same time, due to the sheer enormity of the power output, the golden body that was manifested each time was easily broken, only to be rapidly manifested once again at the second Nascent Soul's behest.

Every time the golden body took shape again, even more tremendous energy was accumulated than last time. However, the Body Integration Stage bottleneck was far more powerful than anticipated, and even after so many surges of energy, it was only just beginning to budge slightly.

The second Nascent Soul was clearly still nowhere near able to make this breakthrough, and Han Li's heart sank further and further.

At this point, he had also reached the pinnacle of the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, and the cool energy was beginning to force its way through his meridians, resulting in a slightly swollen feeling.

Han Li was extremely alarmed by this mounting development, but due to the agony that he was currently being afflicted by, he was only able to just barely hold onto a shred of consciousness, but he was unable to make any hand seals or summon any treasures.

As such, despite his vast array of powerful abilities and treasures, he was unable to use any of that to his advantage.

Meanwhile, the golden vortex continued to expel the white pillar of light, which wasn't abating in power in the slightest.

Han Li could sense the mysterious energy rapidly mounting within his meridians, and his face became deathly pale.

He knew that no matter how powerful his body was, there was no way it could compare with the might of his golden body projection. Even the golden body was being easily destroyed by the surges of energy during the second Nascent Soul's breakthrough attempts; there was no way that his body would be able to withstand this power.

The energy within the pillar of light was indeed extremely potent, but it was also far too aggressive and overbearing. This sense of complete and utter powerlessness was something that Han Li had virtually

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