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However, the illusionary formation on the plaza was extremely potent, and unless the two of them had some special tricks up their sleeves, they definitely wouldn't be able to pass through it in a short time.

Even so, there wouldn't be too much time left for him, and he would only have a chance to search through one more place at most.

With that in mind, Han Li's gaze began to wander back and forth between the two side palaces, and he was struggling to make a decision.

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to him. One of the side palaces was surrounded by lush greenery and enshrouded under a burst of rich wood-attribute spiritual Qi. Furthermore, the gentle breeze blowing over from that direction was intermingled with a faint medicinal aroma, and Han Li couldn't help but denounce himself for being an idiot.

A medicine garden was a mandatory fixture for all cultivators' cave abodes; this place was left behind by an immortal, so there had to be a medicine garden here as well.

Regardless of how valuable the other treasures here were, how could they compare to spirit medicines that could only be found in the True Immortal Realm?

With his mysterious small vial, he could nurture any spirit medicine he found here at an extraordinary rate, so spirit medicines would be far more valuable to him than any other treasure that he could find here.

From the spiritual Qi wafting through the air in the distance, it was quite clear that the medicine garden lay in that direction.

With that in mind, Han Li didn't hesitate any longer; he immediately rushed toward the area behind the main palace as a streak of azure light with his giant ape puppet in hot pursuit.

With Han Li's insanely fearsome physical constitution, it only took him around 10 minutes to reach the cluster of buildings behind the main palace.

He didn't know the exact location of the medicine garden, but it was very easy to identify where the wood-attribute spiritual Qi in the area was richest.

He completely disregarded the other buildings that he passed by along the way and arrived on a patch of flat ground between three pavilions after just a few flashes.

There was a garden that was several acres in size here, and this was none other than the source of the faint medicinal aroma.

However, the entire medicine garden was completely surrounded by five purplish-golden pillars and enshrouded under a five-colored light barrier.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this.

It was quite apparent that this was a large formation that would be far more troublesome to break through than the simple restrictions on the doors of the secret chambers from before.

Following a brief moment of contemplation, he made a hand seal with one hand before opening his mouth to expel a ball of silver flames.

A clear cry rang out from within the silver flames, and the silver fireball transformed into a small silver bird.

It was none other than his Spirit En

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