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In the air above a certain unknown canyon within a mountain range, there was an ordinary-looking white cloud drifting in a casual manner.

Hidden within the cloud were two furry Rong beings, and they were discussing something quietly among themselves. "Brother Xuan, it's already been over a day since those four left and they still haven't returned; could it be that something's happened to them?" a Rong being with an azure mark on his forehead said in a concerned manner.

"What could possibly have happened to them? The two Heavenly Cloud beings they were pursuing were both completely spent, and we sent four people after them; nothing could possibly go wrong. It's most likely the case that those two Heavenly Cloud beings burned their latent potential to unleash some kind of secret techniques to delay their inevitable demise," the other crimson armored Rong being replied in a nonchalant manner.

"It is indeed true that those two Heavenly Cloud beings are adept in some remarkable movement techniques. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to escape in the first place," the first Rong being replied with a nod, seemingly having been convinced.

"It really is quite a surprise that the restriction around the final part of the golden seal text cultivation art requires multiple Vast Glacial Badges to break. Looks like we have no choice but to wait for more of our brethren to get here. I wonder if two Vast Glacial Badges will even be enough; perhaps even three or four will be required. If that's the case, then we'll only be able to obtain an incomplete cultivation art," the armored Rong being sighed.

"The restriction guarding the final part of the cultivation art is vastly different from all of the previous restrictions, so it's clearly the most important part. If we're unable to secure this final part, then it'll most likely be very difficult for us to successfully cultivate it. It's a pity that none of us know how to read golden seal text. Otherwise, we'd be able to read the previous parts to give ourselves an idea of what this cultivation art involves." A forlorn look appeared on the first Rong being's face.

"Seeing as this is a golden seal text cultivation art, we certainly can't just give up on it without doing everything we can. The problem is that even the closest group of our brethren are around four or five days away, and if we need to gather more Vast Glacial Badges, then we may even have to spend several months here. In that case, our plans to go into seclusion here to try and make a breakthrough would be completely thrown into disarray," the armored Rong being said as his expression darkened slightly.

"That is indeed rather troublesome. However, if this golden seal text cultivation art really does prove to be an extremely powerful one, then perhaps it'll even be able to benefit our entire race. Compared to that, this is a worthy sacrifice," the first Rong being said in a slow voice as he furrowed his brows slightly.

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