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“Let's split these spirit medicines evenly as we agreed on,” Duan Tianren said with undisguised excitement in his eyes as he looked at all of the jade boxes hovering in the air.

Cai Liuying was also very excited, but she shook her head, and countered, "Hold on! We did indeed agree to split these spirit medicines evenly, but the spirit stones and Crystal Moon Liquid at the end were all given by me, so I have to take 10% more than my share."

"10%? Are you planning to go back on your word, Fairy Cai? Fellow Daoist Duan and I will naturally reimburse you for your spirit stones. As for the Crystal Moon Liquid, that is indeed a holy medicine for body refinement, but how can it compare with 10% of all the precious True Immortal Realm spirit medicines here? You can have five or six extra spirit plants at most as compensation," Qian Jizi said in a cold voice as his expression darkened.

"Sure, I'll take five extra spirit plants, then," Cai Liuying eagerly agreed with a smile on her face.

Qian Jizi faltered slightly upon seeing before immediately realizing that he'd fallen for a trap, and an indignant look on his face, but he merely gave a cold harrumph before falling silent.

Meanwhile, Duan Tianren was inspecting the unfolding scenes with his arms crossed and a faint smile on his face.

Thus, the three of them immediately began to allocate the hundreds of spirit medicines between them, and after several rounds of intense bartering, they were finally able to split up all of the spirit medicines.

"Hehe, with these spirit medicines, the bottleneck that has troubled me all these years will surely be broken with ease," Duan Tianren said in a pleased manner as he stowed away his jade boxes.

"I'm sure he didn't bring out all of the spirit medicines, though; aren't you two interested in what he has left?" Qian Jizi suddenly asked as a sinister look flashed through his eyes.

Duan Tianren and Cai Liuying naturally immediately understood what he was implying, but after exchanging a glance with one another, wary looks appeared on both of their faces.

Duan Tianren contemplated the matter for a while before shaking his head in response. "The three of us will naturally be able to take him down with ease, but don't forget the order that Senior Weng issued to us a few days ago. He instructed us to allow that kid to access the teleportation formation, so he must be related to Senior Weng somehow. Also, I've heard my disciple describe the size of that medicine garden, and even if he's kept some spirit medicines in reserve, it definitely wouldn't be a lot. It's not worth risking Senior Weng's wrath to try and secure those remaining spirit medicines. On top of that, that kid is quite powerful in his own right, and he's been very cooperative, so there's no need to do something like this."

"I second Brother Duan's opinion. Even as holy race beings, we definitely don't want to risk incurring Senior Weng's wrath over something like this

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