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Han Li was rather surprised to see this. He knew that the probability of making a breakthrough was significantly higher in the Vast Glacial Realm, but it was still quite astonishing that two of the eight people who had returned thus far had made breakthroughs.

Thankfully, the Vast Glacial Realm only opened once every 10,000 years. Otherwise, there would most likely be more Body Integration Stage beings on the Thunder Continent than the other two continents combined.

However, Han Li was rather perplexed about why his group had returned first. Was it merely a coincidence?

Unbeknownst to Han Li, this was actually related to the Profound Heavenly Fruit in his arm. As a treasure that was imbued with the power of laws of another realm, even though the Profound Heavenly Fruit had been sealed in his arm, it was still rejected more vehemently by the power of laws of the Vast Glacial Realm which was why he had been teleported back first as the owner of the fruit.

All of the Heavenly Cloud beings that had just returned from the Vast Glacial Realm were stunned by the scenes unfolding around them. They had only left for about a year or so; how had the Jiao Chi beings already reached Cloud City?

However, everyone who had managed to return alive from the Vast Glacial realm was very powerful and experienced in battle, and they knew that this wasn't the time to be asking questions. Spiritual light began to flash from the bodies of some of the more short-tempered Heavenly Cloud beings, and they all released their treasures as they prepared to join in on the battle.

However, right at this moment, a ball of red light suddenly descended from above, appearing in the air above the two formations after just a few flashes. This was a benevolent-looking elderly man in a suit of blue armor.

"You're finally back. All of the elders are facing the high-grade beings of the Jiao Chi Race, so none of them are here. However, prior to Senior Weng's departure, he instructed me to tell everyone to head to the sentient fortress of the Myriad Ancient Race as soon as you all return," the elderly man yelled in an urgent manner before tossing a badge down toward them, then rose up into the air again.

Crimson lightning was released by the elderly man toward a Jiao Chi being who was flying toward him, and the Jiao Chi being let loose a loud roar as he also released balls of white flames in retaliation.

Thus, the two became engaged in a fierce battle, and Han Li and the others were left staring at one another, wondering how to proceed.

The badge was drawn into the hand of the middle-aged who had just progressed to the early-Body Integration Stage, and he carefully assessed it using his spiritual sense before tossing it toward Fairy Yue in the other formation.

Fairy Yue also carefully inspected the badge before concluding, "There's no mistaking it; the badge is real. I also recognize the fellow Daoist who brought the badge to us; that's Fellow Da

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