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However, in the instant that the body began to fall, brilliant crimson light erupted, and it suddenly exploded amid a resounding boom.

Blood began to rain down from above as an extremely faint shadow shot forth in a flash toward the small white bell in a wraith-like manner.

It was none other than the young man's Nascent Soul!

He was naturally aware that after losing his physical body, it would be next to impossible for his Nascent Soul to escape from Han Li on its own. As such, the Nascent Soul immediately tried to seek refuge in the small bell, hoping to use the bell's abilities to help it escape.

In the face of the oncoming blood arrow, the giant ape made no attempt to evade. Instead, a ferocious look flashed through its eyes, and its chest bulged before it let loose a devastating roar.

The roar was like a culmination of countless thunderclaps, causing the surrounding sky to ring violently. Soundwaves swept through the space up ahead, causing it to twist and warp as countless white marks appeared in the air.

The giant ape's roar alone had shattered the surrounding space, and that was sufficient testament to its enormous power.

The blood rain was instantly reduced to nothingness, and the young man's Nascent Soul hadn't had a chance to escape out of the range of the roar yet. It only had a chance to let loose a howl of anguish before it was also completely destroyed, and much to Han Li's surprise, the small white bell also abruptly self-detonated amid a flash of white light in the instant that the young man's Nascent Soul was destroyed.

However, the treasure's self-detonation didn't release any power, and it merely vanished as countless specks of white light.

Blue light flashed through the giant ape's eyes upon seeing this, and it immediately vanished into space without any hesitation.

In the next instant, the giant ape appeared in the air above the giant white python, which was still battling the six-pawed lizard, and its fists rained down from above like a torrential storm.

The poor lizard was also a mid-Spatial Tempering Stage being, but in the face of the giant ape's attacks, it was pulverized into mincemeat without being able to offer any resistance. Even its demon core was gouged out of its body in the end, and the demon soul that escaped from its pulverized body was devoured by the white python.

Now that the final enemy had also been slain, golden light immediately flashed around the giant ape's body, and it instantly shrank back down into its human form.

Han Li then turned toward the spot where the small white bell had just vanished with a contemplative look in his eyes.


Just as the small bell had self-detonated within the Vast Glacial Realm, a cry of surprise suddenly rang out from a pavilion within a certain mysterious palace in the Spirit Realm, which was surrounded by layers of restrictions.


The voice was filled with shock and fury, and there were

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