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After that, there was nothing more that had to be said, and Liu Shui'er patted her storage bracelet, upon which an extremely vibrant small umbrella appeared in her hand amid a flash of five-colored light.

The umbrella was only around half a foot in length, yet it was very colorful and eye-catching.

Shi Kun seemed to have recognized this treasure, and his expression changed slightly at the sight of it.

Liu Shui'er tossed the umbrella up into the air in a solemn manner, and the treasure immediately flew up into the air as a ball of five-colored spiritual light, vanishing out of sight after just a few flashes.

Moments later, a vast expanse of five-colored light descended from above, encompassing the surrounding area in a radius of close to 10 kilometers.

Within the light, runes of different sizes began to appear before vanishing again after flashing erratically a few times.

Immediately thereafter, the entire expanse of light gradually blurred before disappearing into nothingness.

Han Li narrowed his eyes as he swept his spiritual sense outward, only for it to be repelled by a burst of invisible power as soon as it traveled to the border where the five-colored light had just vanished.

Thus, this entire space had been restricted by that small umbrella.

However, that was not the end.

Spiritual light flashed, and a dozen or so shimmering golden formation flags flew forth from within Liu Shui'er's body. Each and every one of those flags was extremely intricate in design with many runes inscribed on their surfaces.

After being hurled up into the air, they all disappeared into the surrounding space as streaks of golden light, following which a dozen or so pillars of golden light erupted into the heavens, then also vanished in a flash.

A burst of extremely faint fluctuations was left in the wake of these golden pillars. Only after doing all that did the expression on Liu Shui'er's face ease slightly, and she smiled as she explained, "This umbrella is a treasure given to me by my master, and it can conceal the spiritual pressure fluctuations that are sure to appear when we break this restriction. On top of that, the Golden Spirit Restricting Formation set up by those formation flags are a purely defensive formation that can even withstand the attacks of an early-holy race being for a while."

"In that case, let me set up some things as well," Shi Kun chuckled before opening his mouth to expel a dozen or so balls of grey light.

Within each ball of grey light was a grey ring, and there were a total of 13 such rings. All of them revolved around Shi Kun, emitting a faint buzzing sound before vanishing into thin air.

"Yin Soul Bonded Rings! I didn't think Senior Duan would've entrusted you with such a precious treasure, Brother Shi," Liu Shui'er exclaimed as her pupils contracted drastically.

"These rings have no effect other than to harm the souls of living beings, and if one were to be caught off

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