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Qu'er's body then flashed again, and in the next instant, she appeared in the air above another area of the medicine garden before harvesting the spirit plants there using the same method.

Meanwhile, Han Li made his way over to a couple of nearby patches of spirit medicines, each of which consisted of batches of spirit plants that numbered between five or six to over 10, and he was only able to just barely identify a small portion of these plants.

As for the remaining spirit medicines, which was more than half, there were no records about them in the tomes of the human world or the Spirit Realm. However, the small portion of plants that he had managed to identify were all extremely remarkable ones.

Some of them were already extinct in the Spirit Realm, like the Corrosive Poisonweed, while others still existed in the Spirit Realm, but were extremely rare and precious. As such, all he had to do was source some other spirit medicines that were a lot easier to find in comparison, and there was a good chance that he really would be able to fulfill the list of items that Qing Yuanzi had entrusted him with.

Han Li forcibly repressed the excitement in his heart as he immediately leaned down to harvest these smaller batches of spirit medicines himself, then carefully categorize them before placing them into jade vials.

After he finished collecting all of the spirit plants in these two patches, Qu'er was already standing obediently beside him. All of the three types of spirit medicines had already been completely harvested by her and neatly placed into jade boxes.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face, and he afforded her a benevolent compliment, in response to which a wide elated smile also appeared on Qu'er's face.

Even though it hadn't been a long time since she had attained this human form, she had been with Han Li for countless years in her rabbit form, so she wasn't unfamiliar with or distant from Han Li at all. Instead, she felt a sense of intimacy and closeness toward him.

After harvesting all of the spirit medicines in this section of the medicine garden, Han Li finally cast his gaze toward the other side of the medicine garden.

There were a dozen or so areas of different sizes that were separated into independent sections by wooden fences that were several feet tall.

The spirits plants in those areas included spirit trees that were several tens of feet tall, and spirit flowers that were several feet tall. There was also a spirit spring that was around 70 to 80 feet in size, and floating on the surface of that spring was a petite lotus seed pod that was flashing with silver light.

Han Li took a deep breath before making his way over to that side of the medicine garden before beginning to carefully appraise these spirit medicines one by one.

However, a resigned look then appeared on his face mere moments later. He knew that the fact that these plants had been separated into individual sections cle

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