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"Golden seal text!"

Han Li's pupils abruptly contracted upon hearing this.

"Indeed. We were actually with several other fellow Daoists, but they've all since perished. We discovered that golden seal text cultivation art with those Rong beings in a certain secluded cave." The elderly man paused here momentarily as he heaved a long sigh.

Han Li merely appraised him and didn't urge the elderly man to continue; he knew that a detailed elaboration would follow.

Sure enough, following a brief pause, the elderly man continued, "However, before we had a chance to break that restriction and record the entire cultivation art, we fell into a trap sprung by the Rong beings. Everyone else perished, while Fairy Yue and I only barely managed to get away using secret techniques. However, in doing so, we had severely depleted our energy and couldn't take any further risks. However, you can certainly give it a try if you're interested in this cultivation art, Brother Han. By the way, this secret cave was extremely obscure, so there might be other treasures in there aside from that golden seal text cultivation art."

"Oh? Is that so? Where is this secret cave you speak of? Also, it's already been so long; wouldn't the Rong beings have already secured the treasures in the cave and left?" Han Li asked.

"Don't worry, Brother Han; the restrictions in the cave are extremely powerful, and the cultivation art was split up into several segments. Even though so much time has already passed, I'm sure those Rong beings wouldn't have been able to break all of the restrictions and obtain the complete cultivation art, so it's most likely the case that you still have a chance if you go there right away," Fairy Yue explained.

"How many Rong beings are there?" Han Li asked. He had to admit that he was a little tempted.

"Around 10 or so. Those Rong beings are extremely cunning; only half of them appeared initially and invited us to explore the secret cave together. However, as soon as we discovered the golden seal text cultivation art, the rest of them also suddenly appeared and turned on us, which is how we were reduced to such a sorry state. You are indeed quite powerful, but you won't be able to take on all of them at once in a direct confrontation. I'd advise that you sneak into the secret cave and strike when an opportunity arises," the elderly man suggested. He had clearly already thought extensively about this matter.

Han Li was silent for a moment before suddenly smiling as he asked, "If there are around 10 of them, then it will indeed be wise not to face them head-on. Also, I have another question: how did you two find out about this golden seal text cultivation art? And do you know what this cultivation art is? According to my knowledge, there aren't that many people in all of the Heavenly Cloud Races who can read this text."

The elderly man was rather hesitant, but the woman heaved a faint sigh, and admitted, "Your wisdom is truly

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