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It was quite clear that she'd also identified her situation, which was why she appeared to be so enraged.

Even though the three of them hadn't agreed on this in advance, it was quite clear that whoever reached the palace first would be able to get to the treasures in there first.

As such, it was very likely that Shi Kun and Han Li would've taken all of the treasures in the palace by the time she arrived.

However, Liu Shui'er wasn't completely powerless in a situation like this.

After a brief pause for contemplation, she flipped a hand over to produce several talismans of different colors.

One was yellow, another was silver, and the final one was crimson.

Three spluttering sounds rang out in quick succession as she plastered these talismans to herself. Three balls of light of different colors then erupted from the talismans before vanishing into her body in a flash.

Immediately thereafter, yellow, silver, and red spiritual light emerged around her body, releasing astonishing spiritual pressure in the process.

It appeared that these three talismans were all capable of enhancing one's physical body, and after applying them to herself, Liu Shui'er continued to scale the steps without any further delay.

Han Li witnessed this from above, but displayed no reaction in response.

Assistance talismans were very interesting, but they were next to completely useless to high-grade cultivators like them.

Cultivators who focused on cultivating their magic power naturally wouldn't be interested in talismans that could enhance their physical bodies, and they wouldn't use such talismans in battle, either.

As for beings who specialized in cultivating their bodies, these talismans were also largely superfluous.

After all, body refinement cultivators had already tapped into much of the latent potential of their physical bodies, so talismans of that nature wouldn't provide significant enhancements.

For body refinement cultivators, even the rarest high-grade assistance talismans would only be able to enhance their bodies by 10% to 20% at the very most.

As such, regardless of how many assistance talismans a normal cultivator were to use, their bodies would still be far inferior in power compared to body refinement cultivators.

Han Li was quite adept in the art of talismans himself, so he was naturally well aware of this. As such, he didn't think much of what Liu Shui'er was doing and merely continued to scale the steps in an unhurried manner.

Thus, the three of them continued onward, gradually opening up distance between one another as they approached the mountain summit.

Initially, as the restrictive power from the stone steps became more and more pronounced, Liu Shu'er and Shi Kun simply forced themselves to continue onward, despite knowing that they'd be able to expend a lot less effort if they were to pause momentarily on each step.

However, Han Li's condition was vastly different compared

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