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After destroying all of the flying swords with a single strike, the golden-horned young man displayed no intention to stop. The small white bell chimed twice more, and white ripples surged forth again.

At the same time, the projection behind him brandished the two treasures in its hands, and three-colored light erupted forth along with the fiery cloud.

Meanwhile, a sinister look appeared on the young man's face, and he opened his mouth to expel a burst of dense black Qi that began to revolve around his body.

Harrowing ghostly howls rang out, and countless faint green threads that were emitting an overwhelming stench appeared within the black Qi.

On this occasion, the golden-horned young man was unleashing several types of abilities at once, clearly with the intention of killing Han Li in one fell swoop.

Han Li's heart also jolted upon seeing this. He wasn't particularly concerned about the other attacks, but the spatial attacks being unleashed by that small white bell were quite worrying.

However, due to his fact that his magic power hadn't completely recovered, he had no intention of prolonging this battle. As such, he immediately made a decision for how he was going to proceed, and bright purplish-golden light suddenly erupted from his golden body at his behest.

Purple runes fluttered throughout the golden spiritual light as one of the golden body's arms blurred before making a grabbing motion to summon a golden blade segment.

The blade segment let loose a loud ringing sound, and all of the world's origin Qi in a radius of several kilometers converged in a frenzy as countless five-colored streaks of light as if they had been summoned to this place. The world's origin Qi formed a massive five-colored light barrier that obscured most of the entire sky, and only in the Vast Glacial Realm would there be such an astonishing amount of world's origin Qi.

The enormous spiritual Qi imbued within the light barrier came as quite a shock to the young man, yet before he had a chance to react, spiritual light began to swirl around the golden body while golden light was injected into the golden blade segment along its arm in a frenzy.

After just a few flashes, the 20-feet-tall golden body grew noticeably shorter, and golden light flashed violently from the blade segment before it blurred and transformed into a complete blade.

The golden body's blade-wielding arm shuddered, and the clear ringing sound being released by the golden blade abruptly ceased. Meanwhile, the five-colored light barrier in the air descended from above before surging into the golden blade.

The blade was like a bottomless pit that absorbed the entire light barrier within the span of just a few breaths, and it elongated from around a foot in length around 10 feet. The runes on its surface flashed, and it was slashed through the air in a completely soundless manner.

A streak of golden light erupted from the golden blade, and it was initi

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