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As soon as the Inchlight Beast appeared before it, the Lightning Beast opened its beak without any hesitation and swallowed the little beast that was completely powerless to resist. It then let loose a low roar of satisfaction before its body instantly shrank. At the same time, a layer of black mist erupted from nearby to completely obscure it from view.

Within the restriction, everything had reverted back to the exact same scene that Han Li and the others had originally witnessed.

"What kind of spirit beast is this Lightning Beast? I've read countless ancient tomes, but I've never seen any description of a beast that fits this one," the young man asked with an astonished look in his eyes.

"Didn't I tell you that this beast's origins are very unique, and that it'd be best if you didn't ask about it? All you have to do is help me tame it." The shopkeeper's words seemed to carry a warning.

The young man's expression changed slightly, and he raised no further questions.

A hint of a peculiar light flashed through Han Li's eyes as he suddenly said, "You said that this beast is unique in the Spirit Realm, so can I interpret that as an admission that this beast does not hail from the Spirit Realm?"

The shopkeeper's expression changed drastically upon hearing this, but he immediately forced a smile onto his face as he replied, "What nonsense are you spouting, Brother Han? If this beast isn't something from the Spirit Realm, then how could it have appeared here?"

Despite the shopkeeper's denial, all three men could tell that he was trying to hide something, and they couldn't help but glance at one another with surprise in their eyes.

"If this Lightning Beast isn't from the Spirit Realm, then could it be a spirit beast that's unique to one of the lower realms? Wait, no, this beast is clearly no less powerful than a Spatial Tempering being, so there's no way it could exist in a lower realm. In that case, it has to be from a higher realm; it must be from the legendary True Immortal Realm!" the young man completely disregarded the shopkeeper's warning as he mused.

The armor-clad man's eyes also gradually lit up as he stared at the black mist within the restriction.

However, the shopkeeper seemed to be relieved that they arrived at this conclusion, and a peculiar look appeared on his face as he said, "So you truly believe that this spirit beast is from the True Immortal Realm?"

"Are we wrong? Even if it isn't from the True Immortal Realm, I still think you should reveal its origins to us, seeing as you want us to help you tame it, Brother Yu. Perhaps a better understanding of this beast will be helpful to us in our attempt to subdue it. If you really don't want to reveal anything, then we won't force you to. We'll just have to regard it as a spirit beast from the True Immortal Realm," the young man sighed.

"You dare to threaten me?" The shopkeeper's expression instantly darkened.

The young man took a half-s

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