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“I must trouble you,” One of the Chi Rong holy disciples said with a respectful tone. Although the woman’s cultivation wasn’t high, he didn’t dare to slight her.

As there were many in the Chi Rong Race, they sent seven holy disciples. The Pentaluster Race sent five.

The one that sent the least were the Tian Peng Race, three including Han Li, and this was with leaving nothing behind. The other branches of the tribe were sure to keep a few holy disciples hidden and not send them.

Furthermore, the holy disciples of the other two branches were at mid-Deity Transformation stage at the very least. Bai Bi and Lei Lan were in truth a grade lower.

From this, it could be seen how weak the Tian Peng Race was when compared to the other branches. It was no wonder the higher echelon of the Tian Peng race had used such effort to rope him in. It would be a common occurrence for stronger branches to target them.

The strong preying on the weak was the rule of law in the spirit realm as well.

With that in mind, Han Li followed after the Chi Rong disciples along with the Bai Bi, Lei Lan, and the Pentaluster disciples.

They all obediently followed after her for a long distance.

Of the many Chi Rong holy disciples, the one that caught Han Li’s attention the most was a man with a sinister face and hostile eyes.

The other Chi Rong holy disciples had about the same cultivation, but only this cultivator gave him a feeling of danger.

With that thought, Han Li couldn't help but look at his back with narrowed eyes.

A beautiful Pentaluster woman that appeared in her twenties sweetly smiled at Han Li and asked, “What? Could Brother Han be interested in Zhu Yinzi?”

Although Han Li was only a fake holy disciple, his cultivation was still at high-grade spirit general. Be it the Chi Rong or the Pentaluster Race, they all viewed Han Li as the leader of the Tian Peng holy disciples.

And with his unfamiliar face, he should’ve been a concealed reserve. The other two tribes viewed Han Li with greater attention.

During their travels, the holy disciples hadn’t spoken to each other as Jin Yue and the other elders were present. Now that they were separated from the elders, the woman decided to open a conversation.

Of course, this was also because the Tian Peng always maintained friendly relations with the Pentaluster Race.

As for the Chi Rong holy disciples, they decided to ignore Han Li for the time being.

Han Li indifferently answered, “It’s nothing. Brother Zhu’s baleful Qi is quite deep. I suspect he has much battle experience.”

“It seems Brother Han’s story of cultivating overseas is true. Zhu Yinzi has been resoundingly famous amongst the younger generation. He has entered the earth abyss seven times already. Although he didn’t head deep inside, he killed many demons. He is as famous as the Sevenpass Race’s Ao Qing and the Nan Long Race’s Fei Ye. It is said that their abilities are no lesser than a mid-grade Gr

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