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The Weeping Soul Beast had already attained intelligence, and after communicating with it, Han Li learned that there was a burst of fearsome Yin soul energy lurking deep within those mountain ranges. It seemed that there was a ghostly being in there that was so powerful, even the Weeping Soul Beast felt threatened by its existence.

The Weeping Soul Beast was the natural bane of ghostly souls, so a ghostly being with Yin soul energy powerful enough to threaten it naturally had to be an extremely fearsome being.

That wasn't to say that the Weeping Soul Beast stood no chance against it, but Han Li simply wasn't willing to take the risk.

Thus, he immediately decided against entering the mountain ranges, choosing instead to take a further route, even if it meant spending more time on their journey.

This concerned the secret that was his Weeping Soul Beast, so Han Li naturally didn't explain everything in detail to Lei Lan and Bai Bi; he merely used some rather unconvincing excuses to placate them.

As such, the two Tian Peng Race holy disciples were a little displeased. Han Li merely chuckled coldly in his heart and paid no heed to the two holy disciples. It wasn't as if he planned to stay at the Tian Peng Race for a long time anyway, so he didn't have to care what these two thought about him. Everything would be fine as long as they didn't weigh him down in this trial.

With that in mind, Han Li provided no further explanations to Bai Bi and Lei Lan, and the two holy disciples weren't interested in speaking any further about the issue, either.

Thus, the interior of the carriage became very quiet.

Among the three of them, Han Li stood at the front of the carriage and looked out into the distance, Bai Bi had his head lowered in deep thought, and Lei Lan had her eyes closed as she entered a seated meditative state.

Han Li spurred on the carriage to full speed, and it departed from the mountain ranges in moments, flying into the barren landscape again.

After a while, Han Li's expression suddenly changed slightly as he withdrew his gaze, then turned his attention to the direction behind the carriage with narrowed eyes.

Han Li's actions naturally attracted the attention of Lei Lan and Bai Bi.

The two raised their heads in unison, and Lei Lan opened her eyes to assess the situation.

They cast their gaze toward the direction that Han Li was looking in, only to discover a vast expanse murky greyness everywhere they looked. Due to the restrictions on everyone's spiritual sense present within the earth abyss, neither of them were able to release their spiritual sense to survey the situation, so they could only turn to Han Li with curiosity in their eyes.

Han Li stood expressionlessly at the front of the carriage without saying anything, but there was blue light faintly shimmering within his eyes.

"Brother Han..." Bai Bi was finally unable to repress his curiosity any longer, but in the instant that he

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