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Jin Yue began to chant something in a voice that was very pleasant to the ears, and she pointed a finger at the small vial. An azure thread shot forth from her fingertip before striking the vial, upon which it tremored before rising into the air, heading directly toward where Han Li was situated.

Han Li immediately sat down onto the jade platform with his legs crossed.

At this moment, Elder Xu and the beautiful woman raised their hands in unison to summon an object each, one of which was as crimson as blood while the other carried a refreshing green hue.

They were, respectively, a palm-sized crimson lotus flower and a green banana leaf.

The crimson lotus flower rotated on the spot, expanding to around 10 feet in size and emanating a faint fragrance. Meanwhile, the banana leaf also expanded to around the size of a grown human amid a burst of green light, and a series of strange green runes appeared over its surface, glowing with a dazzling light.

Han Li raised his eyebrows, yet before he could identify what purposes these two items served, the crimson lotus was already descending toward his head.

Han Li was initially startled to see this before he suddenly experienced a rush of weightlessness, having been gently carried up into mid-air by the crimson lotus flower.

The faint fragrance of the lotus flower wafted into his nostrils, striking him with a slightly intoxicating sensation.

However, Han Li didn't panic in response. Instead, he merely sat at the center of the lotus flower with his eyes narrowed, seemingly having fallen asleep, but he made sure to retain a wisp of clarity in his mind.

Elder Xu let loose a low cry and the petals of the crimson lotus flower slowly converged toward the center.

In the blink of an eye, all of the petals had joined together to form a vibrant red flower bud.

Jin Yue flicked both fingers toward the small vial upon seeing this.

Several azure threads shot forth, disappearing into the small vial in a flash.

A ball of green light erupted from the small vial, and its lid abruptly vanished as a ball of azure light emerged from within.

Following a crisp cry, the ball of light receded and transformed into an azure bird that was several inches in size, and it attempted to spread its wings and fly away.

However, Jin Yue was already prepared for this, and she flapped the golden wings on her back.

Swaths of golden light immediately swept forth from her wings, completely enshrouding the azure bird within.

The bird struggled for a while within the light before turning into a small drop of azure liquid with faint undertones of silver light peeking through it.

Jin Yue then made a hand seal with a calm expression on her face before pointing a finger at the drop of azure liquid.

The golden light tremored before carrying the azure liquid down toward the flower bud.

The azure drop of liquid then disappeared into the crimson lotus amid a dull thump as golde

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