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The small beast raised his frow in fright and he hastily replied, “We don’t dare to do such a thing. Lords, please personally inspect the year of the spirit flowers.”

Meanwhile, the huge gold-furred ape turned his palm and white light flashed in front of him. He summoned two jade boxes full of Woodbud Flowers and offered them to the Tian Peng beings with both arms.

The younger Tian Peng man skeptically received the two jade boxes and opened them.

Suddenly, sparkling golden light lit up in front of him and a medicinal scent filled the air.

The three Tian Peng beings were startled, but they were soon overjoyed.

The Tian Peng woman took one of the flowers and closely examined it. She excitedly said, “They truly are Woodbud Flowers over a thousand years old. Their qualities are first class.”

“That’s right,” the older man’s smile faded and he said, “You rarely hand over such high quality flowers. Tell about the other materials you are lacking.”

The four demon beasts felt relief when they heard this and gave them an explanation.

They then took out their other pieces of tribute and presented them for examination.

The younger man began to check through the tribute, “Hm, the Golden Marrow Crystal Insects and the Golden Coral Sand are somewhat lacking, and there is only half the amount of Azure Light Wood...”

“Good enough,” the older man nodded, “There aren’t many lacking materials. The additional Woodbud Flowers made up for your shortfalls. As a result of this tribute, we will bestow medicine pills for your slave markings. Next time we come, the more Woodbud Flowers, the better.” Then, he shook his sleeve and released four azure jade bottles to each of the four demons.

The four demons received the small bottles and repeatedly uttered their thanks.

Once the three Tian Peng beings put away their tribute, they immediately left the small beast’s cave residence.

The four demons respectfully saw them out the gate. Once they saw the three Tian Peng beings fly off as birds, they returned to the cave residence with relief and proceeded with their discussion.

The demons were completely unaware of the small golden beetle that was crouched in the corner of the room. It was still as death.

Meanwhile, Han Li remained hidden as he followed the three large birds. His eyes wandered without end.

Han Li had seen everything that happened inside the cave residence, including the tribute that was collected. He was certain they were planning their return to a meeting spot for their Tian Peng Race.

What he currently wanted to do was follow the three Tian Peng beings and find a safe route back to the Heavenly Origin Continent.

After all, in such a large sea, who knew what dangers laid hidden. Han Li didn’t wish to run into the domain of an immensely strong existence.

Furthermore, those from the Flying Spirit Tribe appeared similar to humans. If he could find out a place where the Tian Peng Race gathered

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