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The young woman calmly said, “That’s right. Although you do have the qualifications to join our Tian Peng race, you are a human after all. Even if you pass through the trial, it is impossible for you to become our race’s holy master. However, Fellow Daoist Han can provide support to the other two holy disciples as a fellow holy disciple and help them pass the trial. If you agree, I won’t treat you unfairly. Not only can you fuse a bit of Kun Peng True Blood into you, but we’ll thank you in other ways as well.”

Such fortune would cause an ordinary person to rejoice and promptly agree, but Han Li simply blinked and didn’t immediately answer.

The young woman didn’t urge him and simply remained seated as she stared at him.

In the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li eventually said,“For the matter of being a holy disciple, Senior would have an outsider like me enter your race. The trial must be quite dangerous. Could you first give me an explanation?”

“It is true the trial is quite dangerous. The various race’s disciples have a sixty to seventy percent chance of failure and injury. Furthermore, the holy disciple’s cultivation must be at the level of a Flying Spirit General, what is known to you humans as the Deity Transformation-stage. But now, our Holy Master has unexpectedly perished, and our holy disciples are only early Spirit General-stage. They still aren’t prepared.

If they attempt the trial, they will most likely fail. Although I don’t know much about your abilities, since you were able to cross most of the Tian Yuan Continent over here, your strength should be significant. Even with the danger in the trial, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Han Li’s eyes stirred and he solemnly asked, “They are only at the stage of a Spirit General?”

“Don’t worry, I won't trick you.” The young woman smiled.

With a moment of thought, Han Li eventually said, “I’ll need some time to consider it.”

The young woman appeared calm as if having expected this answer. “The matter is extremely important, so consideration is expected. How about this? I’ll give you three days before I expect your answer. During this time, you are free to roam the city and no one will come to bother you. Furthermore, I’m named Jin Yue. Remember that name.”

Han Li uttered a word of thanks and bid farewell without any hesitation.

When Han Li left, he blurred and vanished without a trace. Jin Yue smiled and sipped the teacup that was on the table.

“Grand Elder, did you truly release him?” Grey light flashed from the wall and two Tian Peng beings appeared.

Jin Yue glanced at a tall red-bearded old man and asked, “What? How did you think I’d treat that person?”

The lofty red-bearded old man rubbed his hands and said, “There is no need for us to pass off the foreign being as our holy disciple. Wouldn’t it be better to force him to leave behind the wings and select someone better to inherit the true blood?”

The young woman sne

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