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The piercing spiritual light receded, and when Han Li opened his eyes again, he found himself on a bluestone plaza with a series of buildings of different heights not far up ahead.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and discovered that these buildings were rather familiar. They were none other than the buildings depicted on the small mountain in the Xumi Paradise Scroll. After surveying his surroundings, he heaved a faint sigh of relief.

He was currently situated atop a small green mountain with blue skies and a few white clouds up above.

As expected, he had arrived in a space that was identical to the image on the Xumi Paradise Scroll. This space wasn't very large, looking as if it was only several kilometers in size, but it was surrounded by five-colored walls of light in all directions. The other three people had also arrived in this place not far away from him.

Han Li and the other two men were looking around with curiosity in their eyes, but the shopkeeper was not in the mood for sightseeing as he hovered directly toward the cluster of buildings up ahead.

Han Li's trio also rose up into the air to follow him.

"Brother Yu, this Xumi space appears to be completely perfect and intact without anything amiss. What is this flaw you were referring to?" the young man couldn't help but ask. "Hehe, do you think I'll disclose that information to you? It seems to have nothing to do with our deal," the shopkeeper said in a brusque voice as he rolled his eyes.

A hint of fury flashed through the young man's eyes upon hearing the shopkeeper's blunt response, but he forced a smile onto his face, and said, "Hehe, I was merely curious and I bear no ill will."

The shopkeeper harrumphed coldly, but didn't follow up with any further insults, presumably because he still had to enlist the young man's assistance in their upcoming task. After flashing through the air several more times, he appeared before a pavilion over 1,000 feet away before stopping in mid-air with his hands clasped behind his back. The pavilion was over 1,000 feet tall, and was split into three levels. The building was rather antiquated with a wide bottom that tapered to a point at the top.

"The spirit beast is in this building. Come with me and I'll show you the beast first," the shopkeeper instructed as Han Li's trio gathered around him. The shopkeeper then descended first, and Han Li's trio glanced at one another before following suit.

Rather than landing in front of the entrance on the first floor, the shopkeeper drifted over to a window on the second floor before stopping there. Han Li and the others found this to be rather strange, but they also headed to the same spot.

After looking in through the window, they were greeted by the sight of a murky silver barrier of light. The entire second floor had been sealed by a restriction.

The young man's eyes flashed, yet before he had a chance to say anything, a loud rumbling boom erupted, following which the

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