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Before the mountain had even descended onto the coral reef, a resounding boom had already rung out, and the massive commotion naturally alerted a certain hidden cave abode beneath the coral reef.

Moments later, the seawater nearby parted, and two balls of demonic Qi, one blue and one red, suddenly emerged. A furious voice sounded from within one of the balls of demonic Qi.

"Who dares to wreak havoc in front of our cave abode? Don't you know that the Lord of Treasured Light resides here?"

Han Li didn't even bother to give a response as he pointed a finger at the mountain down below in a casual manner.

The grey light beneath the mountain immediately swept forth, ensnaring the two balls of demonic Qi. Following a few flashes, two howls of anguish erupted from within the grey light.

The two demons within the balls of demonic Qi had self-detonated and disappeared as a storm of blood.

They were only a pair of sixth grade sea beasts, so Han Li naturally wasn't going to pay them any heed.

In the next instant, the mountain finally struck the surface of the ocean.

A massive vortex with a radius of around 500 meters immediately appeared due to the power of the Divine Essencefused Light, and the surrounding seawater roared as if there were a gargantuan demon lurking within its depths.

The entire region of the ocean was cast into complete turmoil as countless fish and crustaceans fled in shock and horror, and there were also a dozen or so sea beasts with bodies that were over 10 feet long among them.

Han Li's antics finally drew a roar of fury from deep within the ocean. Immediately thereafter, five bursts of black Qi erupted from the edges of the vortex, and the burst of black Qi at the forefront surged to reveal a burly man with fleshy bulbous growths on his head. He wore a suit of blue bone armor and was wielding a pair of large black war hammers.

A cold smile appeared on Han Li's face, and before the demon beast had a chance to say anything, he made a hand seal and the Divine Essencefused Mountain tremored before vanishing on the spot.

Almost at the exact moment, the armored man felt as if the sky above him had dimmed significantly, and he hurriedly looked up to discover that the Divine Essencefused Mountain had already appeared over their heads, and was crashing down with devastating might. Before it had even reached them, just the fierce gusts of wind it was sweeping up was making him unsteady on his feet.

The man's expression changed drastically as he immediately hurled his war hammers toward the massive mountain. At the same time, he transformed into a blue wyrm that was over 100 feet long and fled into the distance.

Following two dull thumps, the two black war hammers expanded to several tens of feet in size, but they weren't able to leave so much a single mark on the Divine Essencefused Mountain. Instead, after being swept up by the Divine Essencefused Light, both of the war hammers plummeted

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