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Staring at the recognizable demon, Han Li felt greatly surprised and apprehensive.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen this demon.

He had killed a metamorphosed venomous flood dragon back in the mortal world’s Scattered Star Seas and it looked exactly the same as this demon. However, this blood wyrm wasn’t a grade eight demon beast, but a fearsome existence at the high Spatial Tempering stage.

After exchanging an attack, he knew that the demon’s abilities were extremely fearsome. He was no ordinary Spatial Tempering-stage being.

Han Li’s thoughts quickly churned, pondering if he could deal with the opponent before him.

The blood wyrm glanced at Han Li and solemnly said, “It is truly odd for a spirit general to be capable of injuring me. It is no wonder my master had given me a warning.”

“Your master?” Han Li felt his heart tremble.

Behind this fearsome high-Spatial Tempering grade demon was a greater demon at Body Integration stage. How could such an existence in the earth abyss set their eyes on him?

This was the first time he’s arrived here.

Bewildered, Han Li’s expression sank.

The blood wyrm wore an odd expression and mysteriously smiled, “If you can block my next strike, I will immediately turn around and spare you for the time being.”

Afterwards, the demon cared no for Han Li’s amazed expression. He formed an incantation gesture and crimson light flashed from his body as a large blood mist spread in every direction.

The blood mist that earlier dispersed has returned, roiling as it concealed the crimson wyrm’s body.

With a strange incantation, the large blood mist began to form a huge blood cloud in the sky.

The cloud loudly roared with thunder and blinked with crimson light.

“What ability is this?” Han Li’s heart was greatly shaken.

Although the cloud’s lightning had yet to drop, it gave him a feeling of dread.

Without another thought, he slapped the black of his head and released a large mist of grey light above him.

Following that, azure light flashed from the top of his head, summoning the Heavenvoid Cauldron. It released countless twinkling azure threads and formed a net below the grey screen.

Even so, Han Li still didn’t feel safe. He spun his body to release seventy-two flying swords. They formed a sword screen as they rushed in circles around him.

As for his gold-silver lightning robes, they turned into layers of gold-silver talisman characters in front of him. Black mist also surged and he summoned his baleful armor.

In an instant, Han Li erected five layers of impenetrable defense.

Han Li then raised his arms and the black figure on his hand blurred, releasing a small foot-tall mountain. He flicked the fingers of his other hand to release five pulsing white skulls, each with a different colored flaming wandering around it.

When the blood wyrm saw this, he felt his heart jump and he hesitated briefly. He quickly circulated the blood esse

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