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Zhu Yinzi glanced at the azure Peng phantom from a distance as it spread out its wings.

Suddenly, the four tornados ruptured, sending countless azure wind blades in Zhu Yinzi’s direction.

For a time, only glaring azure light and tearing winds could be observed from the light barrier.

When Zhu Yinzi saw the ferocious might of Han Li’s attack, his expression froze.

However, his fame was well earned. He took a deep breath and his wings swelled several times in size before he wildly fanned them.

Red light brilliantly flashed and dense blooms of flame began to spread all around.

With his hands forming an incantation gesture, Zhu Yinzi formed countless scarlet flame arrows and released them.

The barrage’s momentum was no lesser than Han Li’s wind blades.

In an instant, the air was divided into two, with one half filled with azure streaks and faint azure blades, and the other filled with sparkling red light and roiling flames.

A thin line formed where the attacks met. As azure and red light intertwined, countless explosions boomed.

For a time, the two sides found themselves in deadlock.

Han Li remained expressionless, but his incantation gestures changed and the sound of thunder faintly sounded from his sleeve. With two claps, two bowl-thick bolts of golden lightning shot out of his sleeve, fusing in midair to form a dense golden lightning wyrm.

Under Han Li’s mental control, the lightning wyrm waved its head and tail, flashing a hundred meters forward right in front of Zhu Yinzi. As rolls of thunder sounded out from it, it pounced at him.

The lightning wyrm’s incredible speed frightened even Zhu Yinzi.

Without another thought, Zhu Yinzi spat out a scarlet ball gleaming with light.

Boom. The ball and the flood dragon collided, resulting in a blinding light. Soon after, the spiritual Qi roiled and turned into a ten-meter-wide fire tornado that soared to the sky. The tornado was mixed with sparks of golden lightning and thunder repeatedly clapped from it. A burning wind spread out in every direction.

Under the pressure, Zhu Yinzi unconsciously took several steps back and turned to look in Han Li’s direction.

Startled, his face vastly changed.

Han Li was no longer standing in his original place. Rather, he brought Lei Lan near the ground at the edge of the light barrier as if they were about to leave.

In his fury, Zhu Yinzi raised his arm and pointed at him.

With a rustle of wind, red line briefly flickered and shot forward.

However, Han Li was already prepared. With a raised brow, he pointed back.

Red light flashed and a similar red line was launched. It was a fire spirit thread!

A crackle sounded. The two lines flashed in midair, accurately striking one another. AS a result, Han Li’s fire thread was repelled with slight damage, while Zhu Yinzi’s line was disappeared entirely.

A short moment later, Han Li and Lei Lan flickered, reappearing outside of the aren

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