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The streak of green light in the distance was a rhomboid treasure, and it covered a distance of hundreds of feet with each and every flash as it sped toward Han Li's trio. Meanwhile, there was a Flying Spirit Race being within each ball of yellow light, and all of them had golden runes flashing over their bodies. They were currently pursuing the green treasure at an astonishing speed.

"This is bad! Those people are from the Yellow Wind Race. They've been plotting against our Tian Peng Race for a long time, just like the Chi Rong Race." An alarmed expression appeared on Bai Bi's face as soon as he identified the beings within the balls of yellow light.

A similar expression also appeared on Lei Lan's face.

"The Yellow Wind Race?" Han Li appraised those three Flying Spirit Race beings with a contemplative look on his face.

These three beings each possessed a pair of yellow wings with fur on their faces, as well as long furry tail attached trailing behind each of them. They appeared to be more like demon beast than humanoid beings. The one who was controlling the green treasure had clearly seen Han Li's trio as well, and she abruptly stopped before the three of them after a few flashes.

The green light faded, and a beautiful woman with a pair of white wings and a small green horn on her head emerged from within the treasure.

As soon as the woman appeared, she said in an urgent manner, "You three are from the Tian Peng Race, right? I'm Qin Xiao of the Green Night Race. Our two races have forged an alliance agreement with one another, so please lend me your assistance."

Before Han Li and the others had a chance to respond, the three Yellow Wind Race beings had also caught up to them, and all of them also stopped at the sight of Han Li's trio.

"This is a matter between our race and the Green Night Race, so you'd better not intervene. Otherwise, you'll only be bringing trouble to the Tian Peng Race," one of the Yellow Wind Race beings said in a cold voice, and the threat in his words was quite apparent.

Qin Xiao's expression immediately paled upon hearing this, and she turned to Han Li's trio with a beseeching look in her beautiful eyes. Lei Lan knew that Han Li was oblivious to the agreement between the two races, so she explained in a low voice, "Our race does indeed have an alliance agreement with the Green Night Race, but the Yellow Wind Race is no less powerful than the Chi Rong Race, so we can't afford to mess with them. These three aren't the only Yellow Wind Race holy disciples to have entered this trial."

"Is that so?" Han Li glanced at Qin Xiao, then turned his attention toward the trio from the Yellow Wind Race.

Two of these holy disciples were mid-Spirit Generals while the other was a late-Spirit General, and all of them were looking at Han Li's trio with arrogant expressions on their faces.

Han Li was just about to say something, when spiritual light suddenly flashed in the distance once agai

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