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Under close examination, the man that had the form of a red crane appeared very different from an ordinary human. His face was close enough, but his ears were sharp and there was a round red bulge from the top of his head.

As for the black-robed youth, there was a small black horn on his head and his mouth had a pair of sharp fangs several inches long.

As for the surrounding hundred Flying Spirit Tribe beings, most of them appeared different from humans, but they only had a few aspects that were different. But what was most different from all of them was the large variety in the color and length of their wings.

These people were all from the Flying Spirit Tribe.

“The Horned Vulture Race’s Devil Suppressing Bell is truly powerful. I’ve received much experience.” The defeated white-robed man uttered these words resentfully before being half-carried away.

“Are there any others that wish to learn a thing or two?” The black-robed youth said calmly, looking down at the crowd as he uttered a word of challenge.

The crowd became restless, but for a time no one stepped forward.

When the youth saw this, he sneered, but just as he thought to say something, someone spoke from a distance, “Quickly look, holy disciples of the westmost branches, the Pentaluster, Tian Peng, and Chi Rong Races have arrived.”

When the crowd heard this, they began to speak as if it were a race.

Those that were curious turned around, flying a distance away. In the blink of an eye, the crowd shrank by a small half.

When the black-robed youth heard this, his face slightly changed and he silently descended from the sky.

Meanwhile, in an area over fifty kilometers away from the huge mountain, apart from tens of various huge birds, there was also a sixty-meter-long crimson flying scorpion that was flying through to the mountain.

Among the huge birds, there were several with pure-white bodies with various men and women riding them. They were the Tian Peng Race.

Han Li was riding on top of one of the huge birds.

In the Tian Peng’s party, Jin Yue and the mysterious Elder Shi rode alongside the holy disciples.

The red-bearded old man and the beautiful woman remained on guard at the holy city.

At that moment, they were together with two different groups.

One of the groups had purple hair and red skin. As for the other group, they had smaller wings and gorgeous robes.

They were respectively the Chi Rong and the Pentaluster Race. However, the meager five people of the Tian Peng Race were clearly fewer than the other two groups.

The gorgeous young female holy disciple smiled and said, “Elder Jin, it appears that Jade Emperor Peak’s elders knew we were coming and lit up the welcoming fires.”

In a distance away above the huge mountain, there was a large rainbow flame burning, filling the air with a gorgeous glow.

The astonishing scene could be clearly seen by those fifty kilometers away.

“It seems we weren’t t

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