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"Have you agreed to join our Tian Peng Race?" A young woman asked with a pair of bright shimmering eyes.

"I won't be allowed to leave if I don't agree, right?" Han Li sighed in a resigned manner.

At this moment, he was situated within a pavilion with this young woman, along with an elderly man and another beauty.

These two new early-Body Integration Stage Tian Peng Race elders were currently appraising the Thunderstorm Wings on his back with scorching yearning in their eyes.

"You've made a wise decision, Fellow Daoist Han. As long as our race's holy disciple can pass the trial, we'll be sure to repay you." The young woman's voice was filled with elation, but her calm tone also suggested that she had already predicted Han Li's answer well in advance.

"If the trial really is as you describe, then I really haven't offered much assistance here. However, at the same time, I don't want to be completely at your mercy once I've outlived my usefulness, so I have two conditions. I hope you can accept those two conditions so I can assist your race's holy disciple without any qualms or concerns," Han Li suddenly said.

"Conditions? Go on, then," the elderly man prompted with furrowed brows.

"I want a Kun Peng Relic, as well as the right to record my name on the replica scroll of the Tian Peng Vow," Han Li replied with a faint smile.

"You know of those things?" All three Tian Peng beings' expression changed drastically in unison upon hearing this.

"That's impossible! Our race only has a dozen or so Kun Peng Relics in total, and every one of them was left behind by our race's past grand elders when they passed away; how could we give one to you? As for the Tian Peng Vow, our race only has three replica scrolls, and there's no space on them for you to record your name," the elderly man immediately refused with a dark expression.

"Indeed, those two items are both extremely valuable to our race. Would you be willing to accept any other conditions?" the beautiful woman among the trio asked.

The young woman didn't say anything, but she wore a contemplative look on her face."I'm not asking for the Kun Peng Relic solely for myself. Only after consuming the relic will I be able to grasp the power of the Kun Peng and manifest a Kun Peng body. Only then will I be able to pose as your race's holy disciple and not have my cover blown by other races. With the relic in addition to the Kun Peng feather and Kun Peng true blood that I've fused with my body, I should have the right to record my name on a replica scroll of the Tian Peng vow. That's the only way to show me that your race doesn't harbor any ill will toward me after the event," Han Li said in a calm voice.

"How do you know of these things? Did someone in our race disclose this information to you?" the elderly man asked with a steely expression.

"That shouldn't be the case. Fellow Daoist Han stayed for an entire day within the Omniscient Pavilion in the city, so h

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