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"I see. No wonder you changed your mind then, Mistress. However, Master Di Xue singled out that man to be killed, so we'll have to give him a proper explanation. After all, he's certainly not the kind to forgive and forget," Xue Du chuckled.

"I'm well aware of that. However, make sure to keep a close eye on that Han brat before I reveal everything to him. Otherwise, it'll be quite troublesome if he were to get away again," Mu Qing instructed.

"Yes, Mistress. I'll be sure to keep a constant eye on him," Xue Du replied in a respectful manner.

Mu Qing nodded with a pleased expression before waving a dismissive hand, and Xue Du immediately recognized that as a cue for him to leave.

Meanwhile, Mu Qing sat still in contemplation for a while before suddenly laying a hand on the giant golden flower before her.

The massive flower tremored slightly, and a shimmering golden mirror of an antiquated design emerged from the flower’s core.

There were runes flashing indistinctly over the mirror, and Mu Qing opened her mouth to expel a ball of green Qi onto the mirror's surface.

Golden light flashed, and the green Qi disappeared into the mirror, following which a layer of golden light appeared over the surface.

Moments later, an indifferent male voice sounded from within the golden light.

"Why have you contacted me, Fellow Daoist Mu?"

Mu Qing smiled upon hearing this voice, and she replied, "Brother Liu Zu, I was wondering how your Yin Qi collection was going. Will you be able to supply sufficient Yin Qi for that ghost hag to refine a sufficient number of Yin Armor Profound Ghosts by the designated date?"

After a brief silence, Liu Zu replied in a completely emotionless voice, "I've collected all of the Yin Qi there is on the lower levels. The Yin Qi on the first level is the most sparse, but I can gather quite a bit given sufficient time. There will definitely be enough for 8,000 of those profound ghost. Why are you suddenly asking me this, Fellow Daoist Mu?"

Instead of answering the question, Mu Qing changed the subject. "According to our plan, the 8,000 profound ghosts and all of Di Xue's puppets are mere cannon fodder to pave the way for the Infernal River Ghosts. However, we have to employ another method to remove the restriction on the infernal river. The resources that we currently have at our disposal may not be all that reliable for that task."

Liu Zu immediately caught on to something, and his voice changed slightly as he asked, "Have you found a good way to dispel this restriction, Fellow Daoist Mu?"

"Hehe, you sure know me well, Brother Liu Zu. I have indeed just discovered something of value, and I wanted to share the good news with you," Mu Qing chuckled.

"So what's the good news?" Liu Zu's voice turned flat and emotionless again.

"I found a being that can use Divine Devilbane Lightning. The infernal river restriction is predominantly comprised of Yin Qi, but the most troublesome elem

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