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"Hehe, what are you all still thinking about? Could it be that you intend to stay here until three months later?" A burst of loud laughter erupted from within the crowd, following which a humanoid figure sped toward the distance as a white blur.

There were several people behind him following along in silence, and they appeared to be brethren of his.

Seeing as someone was leading the way, many people in the crowd also banded together to fly toward the rift beneath the mist.

Moments later, only a small portion of people remained on the same spot.

These people were chatting among themselves, completely unfazed by the fact that their competition was getting a headstart on them.

Han Li and the Chi Rong beings were among these people.

Following a resounding boom, the massive gate behind them slowly fell shut. Five-colored light swirled over its surface, following which the gate disappeared without a trace.

A stir ran through the remaining people upon seeing this. "Let's go." Han Li swept his gaze across the giant wall where the silver gate had disappeared before waving a hand and flying through the air as a streak of azure light following a flap of his wings.

Bai Bi and Lei Lan immediately followed along as a ball of silver light and a ball of golden light, respectively.

As soon as Han Li and the others departed, several beings from foreign races focused their attention on his group.

Aside from Chi Rong beings, there were a few holy disciples from other unfamiliar Flying Spirit Race branches, and all of them looked on with cold and sinister expressions as Han Li and the other gradually faded into the distance.

Only after Han Li and the others had disappeared into the mist for a long while did Zhu Yinzi also spur the Chi Rong beings into action.

At this moment, there were only beings a dozen or so Flying Spirit Race branches remaining at the foot of the massive wall.

Most of these were branches that were quite powerful and situated very high up on the rankings. However, these people all wore indecisive expressions, and they were casting occasional glances toward the two of the remaining holy disciples.

One of them was a thin female child with dark skin; she was none other than Ao Qing of the Sevenpass Race. In contrast, the other person was a tall and broad man in a suit of black wooden armor. The man appeared to over 30 years of age with an unsettling light flashing within his two pairs of eyes. There was a broadsword that was of the same stature as him strapped to his back, and it was shimmering with cold golden light. It was unknown why he didn't place such a large object into a spatial storage device.

For some reason, all of the remaining holy disciples of the other power factions were waiting to see what these two were to do, and no one else departed.

After a while, the stalemate continued, and Ao Qing's brows furrowed slightly. She then giggled before flying away with a dozen or so

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