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"So you really do have a way to capture Golden Marrow Crystal Insects alive?" Han Li's expression remained unchanged, but he was internally ecstatic.

"Indeed. Us Luminous Beasts are able to identify such insects even among countless ore due to our natural abilities. Furthermore, we have a method to prevent these insects from turning into crystals," the small beast replied in a proud manner.

"Good. In that case, I can let bygones be bygones, and I can even supply Woodbud Flowers to you!" Han Li's expression suddenly eased.

"Really? What's your condition?" The small beast was initially quite elated to hear this, but it quickly realized that there had to be strings attached to this arrangement.

"It's quite simple; I'll give you as many Woodbud Flowers as you need, but in exchange, you have to give me a pair of Golden Marrow Crystal Insects per 10 flowers. On top of that, I'm also very interested in the Golden Coral Sand that's among the items you have to offer to the Tian Peng Race. You can exchange for one Woodbud Flower per tael of this sand," Han Li replied.

"The crystal insects are among the items that we have to offer, so we don't actually have a lot of them, and 10 of those pairs have already been promised to the Lord of Treasured Light," the small cow-headed beast said.

"The Lord of Treasure Light? That's just a metamorphosis stage sea beast; I can take care of it. I'll give you seven days to prepare and come to my cave abode to exchange for Woodbud Flowers. If you don't turn up by then, hehe..." Han Li's voice trailed off mid-sentence, but the implied threat was quite apparent. He swept a sleeve through the air and a gentle breeze was swept up, following which he abruptly disappeared on the spot.

The cow-headed beast and the three-headed python were quite startled to see this, and only then did they realize that the red threads they had been bound by had also vanished.

After recovering their freedom, the two demons beasts looked at one another, and after a long while, the three-headed python whispered to the cow-headed beast, "Is that man really gone?"

The cow-headed beast hesitated momentarily before opening its mouth to expel a green bead. The bead rotated in mid-air for a while before releasing an azure barrier of light that enshrouded both of the demon beasts.

"We should be fine now. This is a soundproof barrier set up with my inner core. If that man tries to eavesdrop on our conversation using his spiritual sense, then I'll definitely be able to sense him," the small beast replied.

The three-headed python was feeling much more reassured upon hearing this, and it asked, "Are we going to exchange for Woodbud Flowers with that man?"

"That's not something the two of us can decide; we have to discuss this with the others as well. However, if we want to gather all of the items required for this offering, then this appears to be our only choice," the small beast replied with a wry smile.


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