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With a clap of thunder, a thick bolt of silver lightning entered the huge fireball.

Just as most of the crowd believed the silver lightning penetrated the fireball, the lightning disappeared in a flash as if it were consumed.

In her alarm, the fireball quickly arrived before her with astonishing momentum.

After some brief hesitation, Lei Lan shot backwards and folded her wings around her.

Suddenly, layers of lightning began to form around her. In the shining light, she transformed into a silver-white Peng bird. Silver lightning jumped across her body and an odd necklace appeared around her neck. A dazzling golden gourd several inches tall floated on top of it.

She finally decided to use her last trump card and strike down her opponent.

When the huge fireball saw the Peng bird, it immediately stopped its tracks. As a muffled explosion boomed, the fireball suddenly transformed into a scarlet firebird.

The firebird was several times larger than the Peng bird, but the Peng showed no fear. With a clear sound, its entire body massively surged in size, rivalling that of the firebird. Afterwards, countless bolts of lightning shot out from its mouth.

The firebird was fearless as well and surged its flames. It clawed at the air, releasing ten crimson claw streaks.

The huge wingspan of the birds along with the increasing chaos of the battle concealed nearly half of what was occurring inside the light barrier.

Blood and feathers occasionally fell from the air.

But an instant later, whatever fell to the ground would instantly disappear.

This was expected by the crowd. After an early-grade spirit general like Lei Lan transforms, they wouldn’t continue to stall the battle while at a disadvantage but aggressively attempt to turn the tide.

The lightning surrounding her entire body turned from silver-white to a faint purple and its might greatly increased.

Han Li stared at the lightning bird with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes and an odd expression appeared on his face.

The others only believed that the lightning bird used a technique on itself to increase the might of its lightning.

But with his spirit eyes, he could clearly see that the purple lightning wasn’t something that was produced from the bird’s body. It came from the small golden gourd that floated around its neck. When a spark of purple lightning from the goard touched the bird’s silver lightning, they seamlessly fused together, turning her silver lightning to a faint purple.

The purple lightning sparks also seemed to have quite a background.

Hong Sha was caught off guard, furious at having lost control of the battle.

Although she didn’t know what Lei Lan did, she clearly used an extraordinary technique. Otherwise, Lei Lan wouldn’t prove to be her opponent, given her cultivation.

At that moment, Hong Sha heard several male voices in her ear. Although their voices weren’t loud, they caused her heart to tremble. She promptly d

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