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Aside from the thin shopkeeper and the armor-clad man who had just spoken, there was also a young man with a set of delicate facial features present, and he also wore an expression of displeasure on his face.

Han Li surreptitiously swept his spiritual sense toward them to find that these two were both early-Spatial Tempering cultivators.

"Hmph, I never said that I was only going to bring one person with me to help me tame the spirit beast. If anyone wants to leave, feel free to do so. However, don't even think about my Iceheart Crystal, Purple Light Iron, and Azure Shifting Fruit, then," the shopkeeper rolled his eyes with a cold harrumph.

The young man and the armor-clad man glanced at once another upon hearing this while Han Li stood on the spot with slightly furrowed brows.

"Alright, so be it. However, if one of us manages to help you tame the spirit beast first, then wouldn't that mean the other two will have to walk away emptyhanded?" the young man asked.

"Hehe, don't worry about that; I never intended for the three of you to act independently. Instead, all of you are going to need to unleash your lightning powers at once. Otherwise, according to my prior experience, the lightning powers that any single one you possess won't be anywhere near enough. If you three can help me successfully tame the spirit beast, then I'll give all of you the items I promised," the shopkeeper chuckled coldly.

The young man and the armor-clad man's expressions eased upon hearing this, and neither of them raised any further objections.

The shopkeeper nodded with a pleased expression before turning to Han Li, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

"Brother Han, it's only been several days since we last met, and you've already progressed from a mid-Spirit General to a late-Spirit General. That's truly incredible. I must offer you my congratulations. With your recent progression, your lightning powers will have become even more powerful, right?"

"Thank you for your kind words, Senior. I was merely lucky to have reached this point. As for my lightning powers, they have indeed been enhanced somewhat," Han Li replied half-truthfully with a faint smile on his face.

The armor-clad man and the young man also turned to Han Li with surprise in their eyes upon hearing this conversation.

"Good. Seeing as none of you have any objections, then come with me. I've hidden the spirit beast away in an obscure location," the shopkeeper said.

"I have no objections there, but before this, shouldn't you show us the items that you promised us?" the young man asked.

The armor-clad man faltered upon hearing this before chiming in in agreement. Han Li didn't say anything, but the expression on his face clearly indicated that he also supported this notion.

The shopkeeper seemed to have anticipated this request, and he said, "No problem. I've already prepared the items in advance, so I'd be happy to show them to you now." The ease

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