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"Yes, Mistress!" The short furry figure shuddered as it ducked its head even lower.

"Go, now. I'll be returning to the third level on my own," the woman instructed before tapping a foot on the massive black flower beneath her.

Black light immediately flashed from the gigantic flower as silver formations of different sizes appeared over its surface. Silver light then flashed and bursts of inky-black mist billowed out from these formations, forming a sea of mist that enshrouded the entire giant flower in the blink of an eye.

A rumbling thunderclap erupted from within the mist, following which the sea of mist was dispelled by gusts of fierce winds amid a few arcs of flashing silver lightning.

The flower and the slender woman abruptly disappeared on the spot, and only the furry figure remained, still half-knelt on the ground.

After around the five minutes, the short humanoid figure finally rose to its feet and slowly raised its head, revealing a set of ape-like facial features and two pairs of ears. Its green eyes were quite small, but they were shimmering with a cold and sinister light.

This was a Resentful Ape Beast with dark yellow fur, and it seemed to have attained intelligence. The demonic ape appraised its surroundings before abruptly opening its mouth to expel a burst of yellow mist that enshrouded the remains of the giant flower.

An incredible turn of events unfolded!

Within this yellow mist, the Giant Spirit Flower quickly disintegrated into a vast expanse of viscous green liquid. The mist then swept up this green liquid and drew it into the demonic ape's stomach.

The ape then closed its eyes while green light appeared within its nostrils and four ears. At the same time, its yellow fur had turned green and was shimmering faintly.

This Resentful Ape Beast stood still on the spot for a long while two of its four ears suddenly twitched slightly.

Not long after this, a ball of red light flashed from the distance.

There was a portly man within the red light who appeared to be in his thirties, and he had a pair of green wings on his back, as well as a pair of sharp horns on his head. A cunning light was shimmering from his beady eyes, and he was a holy disciple from one of the other branches of the Flying Spirit Race.

For some reason, he had chosen the same route as Han Li and the others, and he appeared to be traveling alone. However, this man appeared to be extremely cautious, so it had naturally already noticed the demonic ape up ahead.

Thus, the fatso stopped in mid-air several hundred feet away from the demonic ape before looking down at it with a hint of surprise on his face.

Even though the demonic ape had converted the remains of the Giant Spirit Flower into liquid and consumed it, the fissures on the ground from when the giant black flower had emerged were quite astonishing to behold.

Meanwhile, the demonic ape stood motionlessly on the spot with his eyes tightly shut whil

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