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Of the Flying Spirit Tribe beings, only two stood still in the air and showed no intention of attacking.

One of them was short and skinny, the Sevenpass Race’s Ao Qing. The other was a large dual-pupiled man. They both appeared quite indifferent and tightly frowned.

Seeing the rainbow moth dust that surrounded the area and that their attacks were unable to affect it, the tall man slowly said, “Fellow Daoist Ao, this is the first time a demon insect like the Gold Abyss Moth appeared on the Myriad Vine Path. The insect should only exist on the fourth level of the earth abyss. There is something different about the earth abyss, causing these deeper level demons to appear here.”

Ao Qing coldly replied, “I already knew that. Since mid-grade demons can be encountered on the first level. It isn’t much of a surprise to find Gold Abyss Moths here. Those old b*stards in the clan should be behind this, not us. But if you’re still following me after we reach the third level, don’t blame me if I cut you down.”

The tall dual-pupiled man’s gaze drifted off as he sullenly said, “Lady Ao is so heartless, but you’ve taken my heart nonetheless. I’ve already proposed marriage to your clan three times, but each time, you refused. Would the marriage solidify our clans’ strength? And from the rumors, you seem to only wish to wed the strongest holy disciple of the races.

Could it be I still don’t meet your standards?”

He was the Nan Long’s Fei Ye, a character as famous as Zhu Yinzi and Ao Qing.

Ao Qing smirked, “That’s right. The Sevenpass Race’s holy disciples may only marry the strongest individuals of other branches. Others may not know about your skills, but I do. Your meager strength isn’t enough for me to consider you. I may as well extinguish your vain hopes.”

Glaring at Ao Qing, Fei Ye said, “I know that Fellow Daoist Ao’s abilities are powerful, but I don’t believe the difference is so vast. I also don’t believe there are others more suitable than me.

If I am not considered, you must think of the others to be lesser as well. Or perhaps you fancy that Chi Rong youth named Zhu. In that case, I will find him and kill him.”

“Zhu Yinzi? Hmph, he is suitable. If you feel dissatisfied, go and find him. However, I’ve also found someone else interesting during the gathering. Although I hadn’t personally witnessed his power, I feel like his abilities are no lesser than mine.”

“Which branch is he from? Tell me! I will go to this person. If his abilities are greater than mine, I’ll leave you alone. But if he isn’t, hehe...” Fei Ye’s expression quickly became sinister.

The two spoke as if none of the other holy disciples were present, and they viewed the Gold Abyss Moths’ attacks lightly.

With the surrounding moth dust suppressing them, the other holy disciples began to use their various abilities to protect themselves and slowly withdraw inch by inch. It appeared as if they wouldn’t last much longer.

Ao Qing’s expre

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