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On the morning of the second day, Bai Bi and Lei Lan descended to the first flood and quietly joined their elders who were calmly standing there as if they were waiting for something.

Both of the elders appeared somewhat hopeful, causing the two holy disciples to feel somewhat baffled. They also looked turned to look at the stairwell.

In the time it took to finish a meal, footsteps sounded from above. In a blur, Han Li appeared at the bottom of the stairs with a smile on his face.

Elder Shi’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Did you succeed?”

Han Li smiled, “Many thanks for your kindness. Senior. I almost have it entirely grasped. I should be able to use it to face the enemy.”

Jin Yue closely examined Han Li’s face and said, “Very good. This trial will prove much more dangerous than normal. Although Fellow Daoist Han possesses the cultivation of a high-grade Spirit General, I fear you will counter powerful enemies you won’t be able to face. That is why Elder Shi and I have prepared to hand over a clan protecting treasure to you. As such, if you truly come across something unexpected, you’ll be able to defend yourself.”

“A clan protecting treasure,” Han Li said with a tone of surprise.

“That’s right. This is the Lightning Wyrm Scissors. Take it.” As she spoke, she shook her sleeve and sent out an azure light.

Han Li unconsciously raised his hand and took the treasure into his hand.

Under closer examination, he found that the scissors were only a half-foot long and appeared quite old. Its surface was a deep azure, but the mysterious silver talisman designs showed it was no ordinary item.

Han Li stroked his hand across it and sensed a deep icy Qi. With joy in his heart, he asked, “Seniors, are you truly lending this to me?”

“In truth, there were several other treasures in the tribe that are more suitable for use in the earth abyss, but I fear those treasures will take up too much time to refine.

These Lightning Wyrm Scissors aren’t nearly as troublesome. So long as you infuse it with spiritual power, you will be able to use its awesome power to strike down your enemies. As a result, the treasures are also easily seized by enemies as well. Fellow Daoist Han should use it with care.” Jin Yue solemnly warmed.

“Many thanks, Senior. I will take great care using it.” Han Li didn’t hold back and took the treasure with a smile, knowing that this grand treasure was being handed over in order to help preserve the safety of the holy disciples.

Jin Yue nodded and spoke to both Bai Bi and Lei Lan but took out nothing else.

Han Li didn’t pay this any mind.

The two should’ve already been given treasures before they parted from the holy city. During Lei Lan’s battle with Hong Sha in the sparring arena, the golden gourd she used should’ve been one of those treasures.

A short moment later, the five walked out from the building and soared to the sky.

There were various other branches that had gathered

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