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“Black Infernal Mist”, a familiar thought flashed through Han Li’s mind.

The black mist that the stone tower emitted was the strange mist that enveloped half of the peninsula he stayed at.

However, the mist from the tower was extremely thin as if it were being strictly controlled.

Han Li felt somewhat alarmed, but since this was a restricted area of the Tian Peng Race, he wasn’t about to provoke anything.

As everyone else did, he flew around the tower.

But as Han Li brushed past the tower, he felt an aura from the tower surge, causing his body to quiver as a cold sensation covered his back.

This is...

Han Li stopped and turned to stare at the huge tower.

He simply saw the huge tower continue to emit Black Infernal Mist. At an unknown time, the mist had become denser with the tower’s talisman marks occasionally flickering with rainbow light. It wasn’t able to completely block the black Qi from rushing it.

Fortunately, the rainbow barrier emitted from the top of the tower completely blocked the black Qi from leaving the vicinity of the tower. But a short moment later, the black Qi caused the seven-colored light barrier to tremble violently as if it could collapse at any moment.

When the nearby Tian Peng beings saw this, they were all dumbstruck and stopped in shock. They all stared at the strange occurrence occurring at the spirit tower.

Han Li then sensed his wings tremble and turned burning hot, creating a scalding pain on his back.

Han Li’s expression vastly changed.

At that moment, an incredibly high-pitched shriek whistled from the tower. When the nearby Tian Peng beings heard this, they began to close their eyes and fall from the sky.

Although Han Li wasn’t as negatively affected, he still felt his spiritual sense become dazed as his burning hot wings immediately lost effect, causing his body to sway.

Fortunately, he could still fly without any reliance on the Thunderstorm Wings. His body promptly flashed with azure light and he steadied himself. Then he looked at the huge tower with horror.

A huge explosion boomed and the crystals on the top of the tower brightly shined, causing the rainbow light barrier to shine as well. At that same moment, overlapping cryptic chants sounded out from the tower as if over a hundred people were chanting a similar incantation simultaneously.

The Tian Peng beings that originally fell then glowed with spiritual light, floating up in the air as a layer of seven-colored light surrounded them.

However, the tower released another piercing shriek and the dense black Qi inside began to roil, forming a kilometer tall huge bird phantom. The hollow figure appeared faintly black. It unfolded its wings to cover the top of the half of the tower and let out a long shriek, causing the black mist to surge several times in size. The surrounding rainbow barrier began to violently warp, exerting a huge pressure.

At that moment, the other Tian Peng bein

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