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The Black Spirit leader wore an expression of disbelief. He shouted and grabbed the arm in his chest.

A cold glint then flashed from Han Li’s eyes and golden light brightly shined from his arm. A meter-long sword then strangely appeared from his hand.

A flash of swordlight flickered, followed by a metallic ring.

Not only did the Black Spirit leader’s arm fall off, but his body had been sliced in two by the sword light. Only a crystal core and a ball of green flames appeared from the bisected body; his soul had been destroyed by the swordlight.

The other Black Spirit holy disciples turned pale with fright. Their leader was a high spirit general grade being. In regards to cultivation and abilities, he was unrivaled. How could the Tian Peng holy disciple slay him in a single strike?

Soon, four of the Black Spirit holy disciples let out furious shouts and they aggressively dived towards Han Li in the form of large black crows. As for the remaining two, they wordlessly exchanged a glance and withdrew their feathers, immediately taking off to the distance in black streaks of light.

Han Li smirked and thunder rang from his back as he disappeared in a flash of lightning.

The large black birds were startled by this and couldn't help but stop.

In that brief delay, azure light flashed and the image of a winged figure appeared underneath one of the black crows.

Before the crow could take action, the figure’s arm moved and released a glaring flash of golden light.

The crow was startled, but its body immediately felt a chill before it was split into two. The two corpse halves rained blood into the air as it fell.

The figure underneath blurred and strangely vanished once again. Soon after, it appeared near another golden crow and waved its hand, releasing another streak of swordlight.

The crow was similarly cut down faster than the speed of sound. Its iron-like feathers weren’t able to stop the attack in the slightest.

As such, Han Li’s figure continued to flicker with ghost-like agility several more times, before he clearly stopped in midair. The remaining four Black Spirit disciples were cleanly massacred.

However, Han Li didn’t stop there. He glanced at the two Black Spirit disciples a hundred meters away and expressionlessly spread his wings, tearing through the air in a white streak.

Air shrieked as he cut through it!

With formidable speed, he only traveled for thirty meters before blurring and disappearing into a thin white line.

The line then strangely wrapped and disappeared into space.

Behind one of the desperately fleeing Black Spirit disciples, a white-azure line appeared along with a fluctuation of space.

In a blur, the line pierced through their body, quickly circled around it, and released a golden flash.

By the time the Black Spirit disciple was separated into eight pieces, the white line wrapped and disappeared once more.

Soon, azure-white light brightly flashe

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