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Han Li walked along a stone path in a leisurely manner and admired the view around him.

At first glance, there was no one there, but when he raised his head, he found a few people that were flying. The Flying Spirit Tribe were originally accustomed to flight, so the paths on the ground were mostly for decoration.

When Han Li thought of how many powerful Flying Spirit Tribe members have gathered, he couldn't help but inwardly sigh.

Let alone other things, the seventy-two branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe each had a group of elders as well as a group of thirty-some elders overseeing the entire tribe. Their power far exceeded that of Deep Heaven City. After all, during times of peace, Deep Heaven City only had ten Body Integration elders standing guard. During war, the demon and humans could gather together nearly a hundred Body Integration existences, but this was the power of two races. Alone, neither the humans nor demons could hope to rival the true power of the Flying Spirit Tribe.

As for the number of Deity Transformation and Spatial Tempering existences, that wasn’t something that the humans or demons could rival.

In that case, despite how long the humans had established themselves in the spirit realm, they were considered a somewhat weaker power.

Comparatively, the Flying Spirit Tribe’s power wasn’t as high as the legendary races of the spirit realm, but they were enough to be considered a mid-grade existence.

As Han Li inwardly pondered this, he turned a corner and discovered a small booth in front of him. It connected to several other roads.

There were two wooden chairs in the booth, occupied by two white-clothed women that were having a pleasant chat.

When they saw that someone else had arrived, they stopped and looked over.

One of the two was a dainty woman that had led Han Li’s group to their residences, Xiao Zhu.

After some thought, Han Li politely asked, “So it was Lady Xiao Zhu. Could you tell me if my companion has passed this place recently?”

Xiao Zhu stood up and answered with a smile, “Young Master Han must be talking about his Junior Sister Lei. Not long before, I have seen her pass by. She seemed to be heading in the direction of the sparring arena.”

Han Li’s heart dropped and he asked, “The sparring arena? Was she alone?”

Xiao Zhu blinked and gave a meaningful smile, “No, she was accompanied by the Chi Rong’s Young Miss Hong Sha.”

“Many thanks!” Han Li’s face remained calm and he gave a brief smile before heading towards the path to the sparring arena.

When the two white-robed women saw this, they exchanged a glance of astonishment.

The Tian Peng holy disciple remained calm upon hearing that his companion was led there by a hostile branch. He was quite unordinary.

Unbeknownst to them, Han Li only appeared calm while he was actually quite angry.

That Tian Peng woman Lei Lan didn’t know what was good for her.

Although he didn’t know what the Chi

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