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When Lei Lan saw this, she frowned and turned to Bai Bi, saying, “These will be troublesome. I’ll lend Older Sister Qin a hand.”

With that said, golden light flashed from her body and she flew out of the carriage.

But Bai Bi raised his hand to stop Lei Lan and forced a smile, saying, “Junior Martial Sister Lei, you don’t need to help Lady Qin. We have other things to deal with.

Lei Lan was startled and looked off in the direction Bai Bi was pointing.

At another edge of the darkness, a large swarm of demon wolves was silently approaching. From a glance, one could only see their fur. Their true number was unknown.

Meanwhile, cries sounded from a different direction.

Lei Lan looked over and saw black silhouettes moving. They were a large group of three-meter-tall ice apes. Their fur was extremely long and somewhat curled, but they held wood or stone clubs in hand. They also had menacing fangs hanging from their mouths.

“I’ll deal with the wolves. I’ll leave the ice apes over to Senior Martial Brother Bai.” Lei Lan gave a quick response before hurrying off in a silver bolt of lightning.

Thunder clapped above wolves as a dozen bolts of lightning struck down.

The silver lightning swept past the wolves, leaving them scorched and trembling on the ground.

Bai Bi shook his head and gave Han Li a salute before flying off in a streak of light.

A short moment later, the apes became restless and a ball of golden light erupted from the sky. Countless golden threads spread downward.

Miserable screams echoed. Golden light flashed across the apes, piercing holes through them and spilling blood across the ground.

The wolves and apes were only low-grade demons and didn’t prove a match to the two. But in a swarm, there were bound to be a few capable mid-grade demons. They could only slowly deal with them.

Han Li watched this from the spirit carriage and his expression stirred. He pondered whether the three should return and he would deal with these demons using the might of the grand formation.

But at that moment, a peculiar sound rang through the air, signalling that something has arrived.

Blue light flashed from his eyes and he attentively looked in the distance and his expression sank.

He saw over a hundred ice fiends of varying form flying through the air. Their bodies were a sparkling black and ranged from thirty meters to only a foot in size. From their aura, they appeared to be mid-grade demons.

These demons appeared excited and were rushing over to the grand formation, clearly attracted by the Leopard Kirin Beast’s scent.

Han Li coldly chuckled and stood motionlessly in place. The demons quickly arrived before the grand formation and they strangely buzzed as they rushed into the formation towards the small beast at its center.

Han Li only took action when he saw nearly half of the flying ice demons enter the formation.

He flipped his hand to produce a three-inch-large sparkl

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