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Han Li immediately followed a wave of Tian Peng beings toward a certain shop close to the second level.

After withdrawing his wings, he entered through the door as if he really were a Tian Peng being.

After entering through the door, Han Li was immediately greeted by a lively and bustling scene.

He had arrived at a small plaza with an area of several thousand feet, and shops of different sizes stood around the entire plaza. At present, there were several hundred Tian Peng beings filing in and out of those shops.

At the exact center of the plaza stood a bluestone pole that was over 100 feet tall. Light was shimmering atop the pole, and there seemed to be something engraved on the very top.

There were around a dozen people looking up at the pole and discussing quietly among themselves. Han Li made his way over to them with curiosity in his eyes.

At the foot of the pole, he discovered that its surface had been split into two halves down the center. Both halves were riddled with text, and one side was shimmering with a red color while the other half gleamed with a green hue.

Han Li focused his gaze on the two different texts to find that they were all names for items, some of which were very familiar while others were quite alien.

Furthermore, these lines of texts surfaced and vanished intermittently. There was also a middle-aged man who appeared to be a guard seated at the foot of the pole with his eyes half-closed.

At this moment, a man suddenly forced his way out of the crowd, then strode forward and offered a few spirit stones to the guard sitting by the pole.

The middle-aged guard opened his eyes before nodding and handing over a short red stick to this man.

The man picked up the red stick and rapidly swished it toward a certain blank patch on the stone pillar.

Even though the man was moving extremely quickly, Han Li was able to glean his actions using his spirit eyes.

As the short stick swished through the air, a few shimmering red characters appeared before vanishing into the stone pillar in a flash.

Moments later, those red characters surfaced on that same spot.

Han Li was rather surprised to see this.

After a while, someone else strode forward. However, that person completely ignored the middle-aged guard. He merely spread his wings and flew up several tens of feet, then tapped a finger against a few green characters on the stone pillar.

All of a sudden, those characters began to glow with a green light, then quickly disappeared into his finger, making his entire body shimmer with brilliant spiritual light.

Meanwhile, the Tian Peng being that had traced these characters with fingers cocked his head to the side with narrowed eyes, seemingly receiving some kind of information. After a while, he withdrew his finger and turned before flying directly toward the entrance of the hall.

After that, a few more people emulated the first two, either inscribing something on the

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