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Han Li glanced at the azure-armored man and felt his heart tremble.

His cultivation was unfathomably deep, no lesser than the three grand elders that have rushed to meet him. It was no wonder they were so polite.

Furthermore, this person’s azure-armor was somewhat particular. Its designs were quite simple and its surface was a dull grey, but it has its talisman characters similar to decorative patterns. But when Han Li brushed his spiritual sense past the armor, it gave him a familiar sensation. He took another glance at it, then suddenly widely opening his eyes as if he saw something inconceivable.

If he was correct, the so-called azure armor should’ve been something condensed from extremely concentrated baleful Qi. This explained why the aura gave him a familiar feeling.

Despite the amount of baleful Qi on his body, he appeared well and was able to use it to create armor.

This ability was truly outrageous.

In his alarm, he looked around and noticed others that were wearing azure armor among the Flying Spirit Tribe.

Each of them wore armor of varying colors.

Blue light flashed from Han Li’s eyes and he narrowed his sight.

Their armor was also formed from baleful Qi. But because of their weaker cultivation or lacking baleful Qi, their armor appeared vague as if they weren’t as condensed.

When Han Li saw the different armors formed by baleful Qi, he was deeply shocked and began to ponder about them.

At that moment, the azure-armored man looked at the crowd behind the three grand elders and wore a smile.

“How could I forget about our tribe’s three hundred year trial. However, the demons in the closest earth abyss are agitated. If you wait another two years, I wouldn’t agree with having the trial.”

The old man chuckled, “That is why we moved the date of the trial earlier when we heard your news. There shouldn’t be a problem starting now, right?”

The azure-armored man indifferently answered, “No. Although the dark Qi is more dangerous than usual, an official eruption will take a year at least. However, the dark demons underground will not stay in the nest levels, so I can’t guarantee that the demons on the first three layers will be spirit general grade. The chances of encountering high-grade earth abyss demons will be much higher, but those at demon king-level won’t likely appear. As the dangerous ones, if you find them to be too harmful, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“So long as no demon king-grade existences appear, the trial will go on,” the white-haired man said with a firm voice.

The old woman frowned and slowly said, “I have no objections. If we miss this opportunity, we won’t be able to conduct the trial for at least another hundred years. Many of our branches cannot wait that long.”

The tattooed old man muttered to himself for a moment and nodded with a sigh.

The azure-armored man chuckled at their approval and raised his hand to the air.

A fist-sized azure

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