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"Ming Zun... Ming Zun of the He Lian Trade Guild?" the Six-winged Frost Centipede exclaimed.

Given the resounding reputation of the He Lian Trade Guild, he had naturally heard of it in the past.

"Hehe, I didn't think that you would know of me, Fellow Daoist. Rest assured, we're extending this invitation to you so that we can vanquish the true immortal that's wreaking havoc in our Spirit Realm; we bear no ill will toward you," Ming Zun said with a smile.

The Six-winged Frost Centipede's expression changed drastically upon hearing this. "Has he already arrived on the Tian Yuan Continent?"

"We have no information indicating that yet, but I think it's only a matter of time. You must also be of the same opinion, given your reaction," Ming Zun replied in an unhurried manner.

"Hmph, seeing as even you've gotten involved, it looks like I have no choice but to comply. I'll come with you, but I'm currently at a critical juncture where I need to recover my energy..." The Six-winged Frost Centipede finally decided to compromise, but at the same time, he took advantage of the situation to state a condition.

"Haha, that's not an issue. If you come with us, our trade guild will cover all of the pills required for your recovery. By the way, this is Fellow Daoist Ice Phoenix, right?" Ming Zun asked as he turned toward the Ice Phoenix.

The Ice Phoenix faltered slightly upon hearing this, then extended a respectful curtsey toward Ming Zun as she replied, "I am. How do you know about me, Senior?"

"There's no need for formalities, Fellow Daoist Ice Phoenix. I recently met with Fellow Daoist Han of the human race, and he asked me to look after you if I ever encountered you," Ming Zun replied in a benevolent manner.

A hint of elation appeared on the Ice Phoenix's face upon hearing this, and she said in a respectful manner, "I understand, I'm also willing to accompany you to your trade guild, Senior."

In contrast, the Six-winged Frost Centipede's expression darkened slightly at the mention of Han Li.

"Thank you for your cooperation, fellow daoists; there are some things that I wanted to discuss with you along the way," Ming Zun said with a smile, then made a hand seal, and an azure boat that was over 1,000 feet in length emerged up above amid a burst of violent spatial fluctuations.

At this point, the Six-winged Frost Centipede and the Ice Phoenix naturally weren't going to change their minds, and thus, they flow onto the giant boat, which then sped away as a ball of azure light.


A month later, Han Li was refining his Divine Devilbane Lightning in the secret chamber of the Azure Origin Palace when his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he released an azure talisman out of his sleeve. The talisman transformed into several lines of azure text that hovered in mid-air, and Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly upon reading the message.

"So those two have already been tracked down; the He Lian Trade Guild

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