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After that, Han Li led Nangong Wan on a tour of the entire Azure Origin Palace, then got her to select a side palace to her liking for her to live and cultivate in.

After witnessing all of the secret techniques and tomes in the tome library, as well as the countless treasures, pills, and materials in the treasure vault, Nangong Wan was struggling to pick her jaw up from the ground.

Han Li had encountered several miraculous opportunities during his cultivation journey, and he had slain many Grand Ascension Stage beings, so he was most likely wealthier than almost anyone in the entire Spirit Realm.

Having been trapped in the Small Spirit Sky for so long, never did Nangong Wan think that she would see so many treasures in one place.

Han Li urged Nangong Wan to select a few protective treasures and some pills, then gave her two restriction badges that would allow her to access these two places at any time she pleased.

Nangong Wan was naturally ecstatic, and she accepted everything with glee.

After that, Han Li met with the people running the Azure Origin Palace and took care of some urgent business, then sent out some people to track down the Ice Phoenix before taking Nangong Wan on a tour of the entire Origin Integration Island and most of the Boundless Sea.

During the span of around a month, the two of them were like an affectionate mortal couple and thoroughly enjoyed their time in one another's company.

However, once they returned to the Azure Origin Palace, both of them went into seclusion, leaving the palace to Hai Yuetian to manage.

Currently, Han Li was seated in a secret chamber that was enshrouded within many layers of restrictions, and there were three glowing treasures hovering before him.

The trio of treasures was comprised of a golden page, and two jade slips, one silver and one red.

These items contained the Organ Refinement Origin Arts, Origin Astral Barrier, and that lightning refinement secret technique, all of which he had obtained during his trip.

Han Li took a brief glance at the three treasures before pointing a finger at the golden page, which flew up his sleeve as a ball of golden light.

The Organ Refinement Origin Arts contained within the golden page could enhance his powers drastically, but it required such an astonishingly long time to cultivate that he had no choice but to leave it for the future.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Han Li stowed away the silver jade slip as well.

The Origin Astral Barrier secret technique was recorded in golden seal text, so its contents were extremely difficult to understand. Just deciphering the secret technique would take a huge amount of time, let alone cultivating it, so it wasn't worth pursuing in the short term, either.

Thus, that only left the lightning refinement secret technique.

On the way back, he had already understood most of the secret technique, and full mastery should be attainable given another mon

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