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"Rest assured, Fellow Daoist Long; we all value our lives, so we won't do anything reckless," the white-browed young man chuckled.

"Do any of you have a plan?" Long Dong asked.

"I can conceal myself and launch sneak attacks against both the lizard and the giant down below. That way, they'll think that they've been attacked by the other," the white-browed young man immediately proposed.

"That's quite a simple plan, but we don't know how powerful the spiritual sense of those two beings are. If your concealment technique is seen through, you'll be in immense danger. I don't think that's a very safe course of action," Xiao Hong said with a shake of her head.

"In terms of concealment techniques, I have two Limpidity Talismans that can allow one to escape detection from mid-Spatial Tempering cultivators and below. I'd be willing to contribute them to this cause," Ye Ying offered with a faint smile.

"Limpidity Talismans? That's a type of beveled silver spirit talisman; they should definitely be effective against these two creatures, but just to be safe, I don't think it would be wise for us to attack them in person."

"I have two silver wyrm puppets, each of which possesses Nascent Soul Stage power. We can plaster the talismans onto them and get them to attack in our stead. That would make things a lot safer for us," Long Dong proposed with an ecstatic expression.

"That would be great! Even if the puppets fail to pit them against one another, we can split up into groups of two to lure the creatures away, then leave one of us who's proficient in both movement and concealment techniques to take advantage of that opportunity and secure the spirit fruits. Once the spirit fruits have been obtained, all of use will unleash secret techniques to get away from here. These two may possess Spatial Tempering Stage power, but if we're intent on escaping, they won't be able to stop us. It's just that the one who's assigned the duty of securing the fruits must possess an extremely fast movement technique. Otherwise, the speed at which that mutated lizard can blast out its tongue will pose quite a major threat," Xiao Hong mused.

"Indeed, Fairy Xiao. The one to secure the fruits will be incurring a massive risk," the white-browed young man said with furrowed brows.

"That will indeed be a dangerous undertaking. Which of us would be willing to volunteer for such a task? Furthermore, we have to gather together once again after the fruits have been secured, so that fellow Daoist will have to do something to convince us that they'll rejoin the rest of the group," Ye Ying said in a slow and methodical voice.

Peculiar expressions appeared on everyone's faces upon hearing this.

It was just as she had said; regardless of which one of them secured the Zoysia Dragon Fruits in the end, they would most likely be attacked by both of the Spatial Tempering Stage beings down below at once, thereby plunging them into great danger. On top of th

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