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The one who had been captured was the white-browed young man.

Black light was flashing around his body as he desperately tried to keep the red threads at bay, but his efforts proved to be futile.

A sinister look appeared on the elderly Daoist priest's face as he slowly made his way toward the young man.

At this moment, a few sharp cries erupted from within the city as several streaks of light of different colors hurtled toward this location.

The white-browed young man was naturally aware that more Shadow Tribe beings were converging toward the scene. Upon arriving at this realization, an expression of horror appeared on his face as he let loose a thunderous roar. The black light around his body began to circulate rapidly as his body swelled drastically in size. At the same time, a pair of inky-black wings appeared on his back, and his hands transformed into a pair of black metal talons.

In this dire situation, he had transformed into his half-demon state and was preparing to fight for his life.

For demonic cultivators like them, their best weapons were naturally their powerful bodies. Furthermore, the Dark Falcons were one of the seven major demon sub-species, so they were certainly no slouches. He swiped his sharp talons through the air around him, and streaks of black light erupted forth, tearing through the red threads around him.

The white-browed young man was naturally ecstatic to see his talons proving to be so effective.

He was confident that as long as he could sever all of these red threads, he'd be able to escape using the movement techniques that were unique to his Dark Falcon Race.

However, before he had a chance to continue swiping his talons through the air, his expression changed drastically, and his face was drained of all color.

All of those severed red threads joined together again in a flash, and it was as if nothing had been done to them in the first place.

A deriding sneer appeared on the elderly Daoist priest's face, and his body blurred before he appeared in front of the white-robed young man, seemingly out of thin air. He then laid a hand on the back of his own head, and a vibrant red shadow slowly emerged.

"A crimson shadow! You really are from the Shadow Tribe!" The white-robed young man was plunged into complete despair at the sight of the crimson shadow.

Crimson shadows of the Shadow Tribe were comparable to Spatial Tempering Stage beings among human cultivators. This was not an opponent a Deity Transformation demonic cultivator could stand up against.

"Hehe, you possess quite a powerful body. I'll be taking it from you now. Don't worry, though, none of your companions will be able to get away. All of them will join you on the other side soon." Red light flashed within Master Purple Cloud's eyes as a sharp and unfamiliar voice escaped from his mouth. The crimson shadow above his head then flashed before pouncing viciously toward the young man.

At the same ti

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