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The silver-haired Spatial Tempering youth, Senior Zhu, loudly announced from the front, “Fellow Daoists, be careful. There is an unknown demon bird in the mist, but fortunately, they aren’t very strong. So long as you are careful of the acid they spit, it shouldn’t be fine. As for the mist itself, let me and my wife deal with it.”

Afterwards, the others waited as the silver-haired youth opened his mouth and spat out a long white jade bottle. It spun in the air and had its mouth pointed at the white mist.

The youth formed a hand gesture with both his hands and muttered an incantation, causing the jade bottle to brightly light up.

A muffled crackle sounded, followed by the bottle releasing an azure wind.

When the wind flew out, it only carried a faint azure light, but after it traveled ten meters, it blew into a raging gale. Then in the blink of an eye, it turned into a violent tornado.

The mist on the surface of the lake violently roiled as it split apart.

A clear path opened in the mist.

“We go!”

With Senior Zhu’s command, he and his wife took the initiative to first fly through the path. The jade bottle he earlier released began to circle above his head and continued to release violent gales.

When the others saw this, they felt a sense of relief and followed after them.

As Senior Zhu had mentioned, after they entered five kilometers in, meter-long white birds with flat beaks and dark-green claws began to appear from the surrounding mist.

The birds were clearly targeting the cultivators. As soon as they emerged from the mist, they opened their mouths and released black ice arrows.

With several shouts, the cultivators released their magic treasures, summoning formations of swords or several ancient shields.

When the black ice arrows struck, they immediately turned into black smoke. It left dense and numerous holes in the treasures where they struck.

The masters of the magic treasure revealed shock when they saw this. One of them immediately shouted, “Quickly kill them. Their acid can corrode our treasures!”

The others felt their hearts tremble when they heard this and immediately displayed their various techniques. Streaks of swift light and waves of mist moved in the direction of the demon birds.

Under the wave of attacks, the demon birds turned into balls of gore and blood, instantly dying in their entirety.

When the others saw this, they felt relief.

The birds had been truly weak.

A quarter-hour later, several strange cries sounded from the mist. Suddenly, another flock of white birds flew out from the mist and pelted the cultivators with black ice arrows.

Startled, the cultivators flusteredly released their treasures and blocked the attacks before exterminating the birds once more.

When the last of the birds turned into a bloody pulp, many bird silhouettes began to appear from the mist.

The cultivators became restless when they saw this and many of them w

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