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At first glance, the two huge beasts appeared to be giant apes. But their green fur was exceptionally long and they had three black eyes. They were continuously flickering around out of vigilance.

Han Li calmly observed them as they walked past. After they were farther away, he blurred and arrived at a distant tree.

When he watched them disappear, a trace of bewilderment appeared on his face.

The two patrolling beasts weren’t wood tribe beings. Why would they appear in the forest? They were intelligent as they were carrying huge copper prongs.

Could it be another unknown tribe?

After some thought, Han Li couldn't help but shake his head.

According to what he knew, the wood tribe was extremely xenophobic. They wouldn't allow other foreign tribes to boldly strut in their territory. Could it be beasts of war bred by the wood tribe? Han Li thought.

So-called beasts of war were spirit beasts of another name. Like humans and demons, through secret techniques these foreign tribes were able to control spirit beasts. Other foreign tribes understood they could put ancient beasts to their own devices after training them with medicine or anything else.

Of course, various races had differing talents. The beasts they could train and control differed. Not all of them could tame the same beasts.

The shadow tribe’s two-headed Shen Beast was a powerful war beast exclusive to their tribe. He also reckoned only the shadow tribe had a method of taming it.

As for the wood tribe, he wasn’t aware that they had any war beasts. Could this be a new development?

Han Li held curious thoughts for half a day before eventually putting the matter away.

Since the two beasts with long green fur passed him by without discovering him, he reckoned, they would be the kind to have thick flesh and skin. He had nothing to fear.

As a result, Han Li’s body blurred and he vanished.


A day later, below a huge tree in the forest, Han Li was sullenly looking at eight long-furred beasts in front of him.

They were different from the two ape-like beasts he had seen before. Not only were their bodies smaller by half, but their bodies were fire-red and their furred hands carried sparkling black wolf fangs, not copper prongs.

These eight huge beasts were all glaring at Han Li with bared fangs.

Han Li smirked.

Originally, he believed the beasts to have extremely dim spiritual senses. But when the pack of beasts brushed past him, they discovered him hiding behind a tree and immediately surrounded him.

Han Li looked at the black-lit third eye on the beasts’ forehead and frowned. He faintly sensed something.

When he saw those green-haired beasts, their third eye was closed.

At that moment, the eight red beasts let out a roar and leaped at him. They fiercely waved their fangs.

Their fangs immediately lit up in a layer of green light released fierce winds in Han Li’s direction.

Han Li raised his brow but s

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