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Han Li’s Azure Essence Sword Art had been cultivated to the peak of its potential.

Although his other abilities are powerful, once his Divine Essensefused light was fully cultivated, its might grew alongside his cultivation. The Heavenly Spirit Engulfing Flame also relied on his body’s progression to increase its power. Neither of them were of any assistance in increasing his cultivation stage.

Without a suitable technique guiding his cultivation, his body would surely implode from excessive spiritual Qi if he continued to rely on pills.

Now that Han Li wanted to increase his cultivation, there were two paths for him.

One was what common cultivators used: find another set of high-grade cultivation arts to continue cultivation. However, suddenly changing to an unfamiliar cultivation art midway was bound to be inevitable. Furthermore, if he wasn’t careful, it would produce conflict with his original cultivation art and produce fewer results than the effort he put in.

The other cultivation method was to read through the experiences of body refiners, figuring out a path that was rarely tread.

That was magic and body dual cultivation. He would have to seek out a devilish sect or demon clan’s technique related to body refinement.

Both devilish sect and demon clan techniques will not only strengthen his body to a high level when cultivated, but they will also increase his magic power.

However, not only is this method rarely seen, but it is also incredibly difficult. Although some human cultivators chose this method, those that succeeded were a sparse few.

Originally, the potential of a human’s body couldn't compare to the Elder Devils and the demon clan. Once a human’s flesh body was cultivated to a certain strength, it couldn't be progressed further apart from outstanding individuals.

But when dual cultivation progresses to the highest levels, not only will one possess astonishing power, but their chances of breaking through bottlenecks are far beyond similar level cultivators. This caused Han Li to feel a bit of conflict over what to choose.

He did happen to possess a set of dual cultivation arts. They are the Heavenbearing Devil Art and the techniques from the Sacred Provenance Plate.

Han Li already confirmed that those two techniques are closely related to one another and the Brightjade Arts.

Since all three techniques can be cultivated separately and all possessed their own abilities, they can be considered a set of cultivation arts and can be cultivated in sequence.

If he cultivated them without relation to one another, the other two techniques wouldn’t have a previous foundation for cultivation and the strength would be only displayed at a tenth of its potential. But if he cultivated them together from the very start and restored the set of dual cultivation arts, they would reach their full potential. Although these techniques originated from an extremely powerful devilish art from the Tru

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