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The green-skinned woman continued her answer, “As for why you were ambushed, it was because the wood tribe’s higher echelon altered the scope of the Dream Sifting Tree’s detection. I fear they detected you as soon as you entered. Fortunately, the upper echelon of the wood tribe doesn’t view Black Leaves Forest with much importance. It only sent a single lower silver-tier wood spirit to oversee it. Otherwise, it would’ve been difficult for you to escape them.”

The young white-robed woman, Ye Ying, slowly said, “So it was like that! Older Sister Chu, these last thousand years must’ve been hard on you.”

“It’s nothing. These past few years in the wood tribe haven’t been spent in vain. I’ve grasped many of their secrets. I’ve even made connections in the tribe, but I am certain I am now exposed. I cannot continue to stay here.”

Han Li felt his heart stir.

Ye Ying smiled, “Deep Heaven City is possible on the brink of another war. Even if nothing happens, the clan master plans on calling you back. With your current cultivation, there is no point in continuing to hide here.”

However, her smile seemed to provoke her injuries and she coughed several times, causing her face to turn paler.

“Is the young master alright? How about you take another Phoenix Spirit Pill?” Ye Chu proposed with a tense expression.

“No need! There aren’t many left. I’ll leave them for something else.” Ye Ying shook her head.

“What? Is Lady Ye heavily injured?” Han Li blinked.

Ye Ying curled her lip and unhappily said, “That silver-tier tree spirit landed a clean blow. Would you say the injury is grave?”

“If it is an ordinary internal injury, I have several medicine pills for that. Perhaps they’ll be useful.” Han Li said with a calm tone. He then waved his sleeve and summoned several medicine pills in her direction.

Ye Ying raised her brow. She reached out for the air and summoned them into her grasp. She then opened them and took a few whiffs.

Having some medicinal knowledge, she wore an astonished expression and immediately uttered their names, “Wondrous Grass Pill, Hundred Blessings Pill, Returning Spirit Water... Brother Han is quite generous to present these sacred medicines to me. In that case, I won’t hold back.”

With her status, Ye Ying could’ve prepared a few of them, but she felt disbelief that a Deity Transformation cultivator could take out so many of them in a single breath.

The young woman blinked and promptly opened the bottles, swallowing several of the pills, revealing her trust in Han Li.

Han Li felt some admiration for her decisive actions.

Of course, she most likely had some sort of secret technique, so she had no fear there was something wrong with the medicine pills.

After she swallowed the pills, color returned to Ye Ying’s face. Then, she glanced at Han Li and asked, “Ah yes, how did you find me? If I’m not mistaken, your invisibility talisman seems to be a silver rune talisman. Might I know

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