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The ancient tree projection was entirely green in color, and it remained completely unscathed in the face of the attacks from the sword threads.

The Aureate Sword Formation was already in tatters from the relentless assault of silver spikes, and after being swept aside with reckless abandon by the rapidly expanding tree projection, the golden threads were finally no longer able to come together.

The sword formation had been broken.

Han Li's heart sank, but before he had a chance to unleash any further attacks, the Silver Tier Wood Spirit harrumphed coldly, "Your sword formation is indeed rather peculiar, but I've now released my soul-link spirit tree. In my current state with spirit and tree combined as one, your fate of death is sealed."

The Wood Spirit made a hand seal, and brilliant green light erupted from its body as it transformed into a projection, disappearing into the ancient tree projection behind it in a flash, seemingly having fused itself with the tree.

An incredible scene then ensued.

The ancient tree projection suddenly began to emanate a burst of astonishing spiritual pressure, following which it transformed into a green giant that was around 100 feet tall.

Not only did the giant have a tree canopy above its head, its four limbs were also quite lush and green making it appear as if it were a humanoid tree. On the trunk of the tree was a giant face that was identical to that of the Wood Spirit. This was the true form of beings from the Wood Tribe, the Wood Spirit Body!

At this moment, the torrent of silver spikes had ceased, and the green giant was the only thing remaining in the sword formation.

Han Li was a little flabbergasted as he looked on, but he still immediately activated the sword formation again to summon the golden threads that had disappeared. As soon as those golden threads emerged, they swept toward the giant once again.

However, the green giant merely stood on the spot and appraised Han Li with a hint of mockery in its eyes.

The sharp screech of metal grating on metal rang out amid flashes of golden and green light. All of the golden threads were repelled while the green giant remained completely unscathed.

"Hehe, a mere Deity Transformation cultivator like you is trying to harm my soul-link spirit tree? What a joke! I'll have to hibernate for 100 years after using my Wood Spirit Body, but even the so-called Divine Spirit Treasures of your human race won't be able to harm me in my current state. You should just give up and resign yourself to death," the giant chuckled coldly before striding forward, completely shrugging off the golden threads around it as it covered a distance of 70 to 80 feet. One more step would almost take it right to where Han Li was standing.

Han Li's lips twitched as he withdrew the five-colored halo around his body. In the next instant, the halo appeared around the giant's waist amid a resounding boom.

The oncoming giant's speed sudden

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