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Han Li raised no objection to the woman and merely asked, “How many spirit medicine seeds did you gather this time. Last time, Fellow Daoist Yan managed to find several. Although they were rare, they didn’t have many uses.”

The woman sweetly laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist. This time I was able to gather most of the ones you pointed out to me. To tell the truth, if it weren’t for the fact that there will soon be a war, I wouldn’t have paid such a large price for these seeds. I have other things that I have to worry about. More importantly, I hope you’ve brought enough myriad year spirit herbs.”

Han Li strangely smiled and asked, “We’ve traded several times before. How would I be lacking in spirit medicine?”

“This time, however, the seeds are exceptionally rare. They are no less valuable than your myriad year spirit herbs. It’s only that spirit herbs of that age are hardly seen, or else I wouldn’t be doing business with you.” The woman sweetly giggled and flipped her hand to produce an emerald green wooden box. She tossed it over to him.

There were simple flower patterns engraved on the box. The faint talisman characters flickering on the box clearly showed it was no common object.

Han Li caught the box with a solemn expression. Without opening the box, he peered inside it with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes. He also searched it with his immense spiritual sense.

For a time, Han Li stood in place with the box in hand.

The demon woman didn’t view Han Li’s actions as strange and didn’t urge him to be faster. She simply stared at Han Li without a word. It was as if she was trying to make out Han Li’s true appearance through the silver light.

A short while later, the woman sighed and withdrew her gaze.

There was no doubt she was curious about this person. His identity must be unordinary since he possessed so many myriad year spirit herbs.

If she were to guess, this person most likely belonged to one of the hidden true spirit noble clans. It was most likely he belonged to the Min Clan who were renowned for spirit medicine nurturing.

However, her partner was extremely cautious. She attempted to approach the topic several times, but not only did she come up with nothing, she almost revealed her own identity in a moment of carelessness.

This left the woman incredibly vexed for a long while after.

Although he couldn't find her using the name she’d give her, it completely stifled her intent on finding his identity.

She instead became vigilant in not releasing any more information about herself.

But she couldn't help but be excited at the thought of acquiring the myriad year spirit medicine.

Although she came from a somewhat extraordinary background and possessed some status in her clan, she still wasn’t able to acquire many spirit medicines, no matter how many spirit stones she offered.

So long as business here succeeds, she would have enough spirit medicines to have someone ref

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