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"Zoysia Dragon Fruit!" Ye Ying blurted out the words that had just surfaced in Han Li's mind.

Long Dong and the others also put on expressions of surprise and elation, having clearly also identified these fruits.

"These fruits are the main ingredient for refining the spirit medicine, the Rising Dragon Pill, which can only be consumed by cultivators at or above the Spatial Tempering Stage. The fruits only ripen once every 30,000 years, and even consumption on their own can save one 60 years of arduous cultivation. Looks like this one has only ripened recently; it would be massively fortunate if we could secure this bunch of fruits," Xiao Hong murmured to herself with glowing eyes.

Her expression was also mirrored on Ye Ying and Long Dong's faces. All of them were clearly extremely tempted to step in.

Main ingredients for Spatial Tempering Stage pills were extremely rare, and even most ordinary Spatial Tempering cultivators wouldn't be able to encounter them. Such prized ingredients couldn't be found in normal auctions, either; they were mostly traded between high-grade cultivators for items of equal value. Otherwise, the True Toad Spirit Blood required for refining a late-Deity Transformation Stage pill wouldn't have been so desperately sought-after by those attending the auction.

The pill could take one from the Deity Transformation Stage to the Spatial Tempering Stage, which appeared to be just a single step, but the difference between the two was like heaven and earth.

If a cultivator among them were to secure the Zoysia Dragon Fruits here and take them to a Spatial Tempering cultivator, they would undoubtedly be ecstatic and be willing to exchange a large bunch of Deity Transformation Stage pills in exchange for the fruit.

Even though prized materials and ingredients are extremely abundant in the primordial world, spirit medicines that were effective for Deity Transformation cultivators and above were still considered to be quite rare, and a certain degree of luck was required to find them.

Furthermore, if a spirit medicine were to appear or ripen, it would attract many powerful beings in a short time, so these fruits wouldn't be around for long.

Han Li and his group hadn't even ventured into the primordial world in search of materials and ingredients, yet they've encountered a Lightning Turtle and these Zoysia Dragon Fruits within the short span of a few months; they were certainly immensely fortunate. There would often be high-grade cultivators who stayed in the primordial world for decades at a time, only to remain completely empty-handed.

"Have a look at the situation down below first!" the white-browed young man harrumphed coldly.

"That giant is a Thousand-Eyed Giant; its eyes are all silver-white, which suggests that it's yet to reach full maturity, but it's still a vastly fearsome being. That lizard may not look like much, but for a Thousand-Eyed Giant to be so wary of it clearly indicates t

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